• 12-22-2012

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    Someone anonymously negative repped me for my experience here. Nice.

    Never surprises me how much lack of courage people have to say something behind a keyboard.

    Now they have changed the Rep is tagged with a user name......so who left you neg rep? Now all those neg reps will be brought to the light. I have a number of neg reps. I left one neg rep with a note because the guy slagged my tools on a thread but doesn't have the balls to design and put up the cash for a better mouse trap.
  • 12-25-2012
    that's a pity! the DBair is great, was the most noticeable upgrade on my Yeti and then on a Mojo HD...
    maybe the Ciclon should stay w/ the RP23 and the Zeus might be suited for the DBair w/ no fitting problems, Gibson also solved another issues such as a smaller headtube and sloper top tube. My friend's Ciclon got top tube rubbed by the break levers...
    ISCG-05 is also an addition to the Zeus
    if you are looking to get a more aggressive setup, Ventana hasn't a 26" model suited for that yet
    I think the Ciclon is a beauty but better suited for trail/all-mtn conservative riders