• 01-29-2013
    Advice on shock for old El Ciclon, please
    Hi. Looking for expert advice: I have an El Ciclon of about 4 years old, which needs a new rear shock. I bought it second hand & it came with an old Fox DHX5 shock, which was always a bit dodgy. I think the previous owner replaced it with the stock Fox RP23 which it would have come with. (had the DHX serviced recently & it needs serious money spending on it to make it work properly again).
    Anyway, looking on ebay & new, there are so many different shock tunes available, I don't know which one is best for the El Ciclon. I would probably look for an RP23 or RP2.

    Advice please!:confused:

    If it's relevant, I'm 50, weigh about 92kg & use the bike for weekends away to Wales (long climbs & rocky descents). Forks are Rock Shocks Sektor coil 150/ 130). I have a much lighter carbon hardtail for thrashing around the local flatter trails.

    Cheers guys:D
  • 01-31-2013
    Hi Stripes
    Finally able to log in again after the forum upgrade. Wouldn't accept my password until this evening.
    Anyway, I'm looking to get a decent shock on a budget, so unfortunately I can't afford your CCDB. Otherwise I'm open to suggestions. I know the El Ciclons come with the RP23, so I figured they would be the best, in the right tune. Looking on Ebay now for a decent secondhand one, which is where I noticed all the different tune settings. Then I just got confused & turned here for advice!
  • 02-01-2013
    Plenty of tunes out there to help confuse us for sure. If you are keen to go with the RP23, LOW tune Rebound is a must, at 2.4/2.5:1 Ratio, the shock shaft speed on the Ciclon is not fast. Compression tune, low or mid will work. Low tune will be more active suspension, with a bit more pedal bob. Mid tune will have the more pronounced pedal platform, and feel a bit harsh on hard (faster shaft speed) hits, as the compression circuit will work too hard to damp the hit. ME? I like active suspension so Low/low is what I have.