• 02-24-2013
    (XC) mountainbiking Finland
    Hi there!

    End of May this year, I'm going to Finland (Hämeenlinna) for holliday's.
    Is there an active mountainbike scene in that region that somebody know of?
    I would like to meet riders for some riding together, or maybe somebody knows some guided tours in that region.

  • 02-25-2013
    far raider
    Diruk, you should post this over in the Europe Forum to get more local information.
    Good Luck
  • 02-25-2013
    Saul Lumikko
    For even more specifically local information, go to Fillarifoorumi.fi to have a chat with Finnish riders. Our native language is only spoken by a bit over 5M people, so virtually everyone here speaks one to three other languages, and English is most usually one of them.
  • 02-26-2013
    Thank you for the advise!
    Will try Fillarifoorumi.fi later this week. With some help of google translate of course....