• 09-19-2012
    Winter mtb vacation in Feb? Driving distance from Toronto or should I fly? Where?
    How far would I have to drive in order to get moderate temperatures and hopefully dry conditions in Feb? Thinking of going away for 5 to 6 days in Feb, the 16th to the 20th or possibly the 21rst and be hopefully be able to go mtb riding at least 3 of them. Looking for xc singletrack trails, no need for downhill, jumps, stunts or extreme riding.

    Could I find good mountain biking in the southern states from central to the east or would I need to go west to? Is flying the only realistic option? Any suggestions? I was thinking possibly somewhere from South Carolina over to Texas. Alabama? Georgia? Texas? New Mexico? Arizona? Moab seems cold in Feb.

    Should I bite the bullet and fly to Arizona, California?

    thanks in advance for any ideas
  • 09-19-2012
    Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival Feb 17 to 23.

    Watch the video here: MATT IN JAMAICA (PART 2) - YouTube

    more details here: SMORBA | Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival

    Mountain biking unlike anything you have ever experienced!
  • 09-20-2012
    bite the bullet

    I could be proven wrong but I think the south east weather can be a lot more iffy in Feb than the south west. I love Arizona in the winter. Tons of great riding in Phoenix but this year Iím hoping to go Tucson.

  • 09-20-2012
    New Zealand, South Island.
  • 09-21-2012
    My budget is limited. I doubt I could afford to go overseas, or I would visit NZ, Australia, Europe or the UK.

    Arizona looks like a great mountain biking destination. Any reason why I would go there instead of California?
  • 09-21-2012

    Originally Posted by morkys View Post
    My budget is limited. I doubt I could afford to go overseas, or I would visit NZ, Australia, Europe or the UK.

    Arizona looks like a great mountain biking destination. Any reason why I would go there instead of California?

    I'm a native Californian. I guess the reason you might want to go to Arizona would depend on what you are looking for on your vacation. February can be a rainy month in California; the redwoods around Santa Cruz are likely to be soggy and miserable, high country trails in the Sierra will be snow covered. Coastal Southern California might be OK, as in Orange and San Diego counties. The Laguna mountains in eastern San Diego county are iffy, as they don't get snow every winter.

    Arizona the low desert around Phoenix would be very nice, but I think you'd be out of luck for anything up around Flagstaff, elevation around 5,000 feet.
  • 10-03-2012
    Asheville NC can be a little iffy but it will most likely be a lot better than Canada.

    Good news is that you can get 10-15 degrees warmer just going down the mountain to Greenville SC which is about 45 minutes away.

    I would normally recommend a better time of year, but if you are bent on taking a trip in Feb, it is worth a shot.

    As far as driving vs flying goes

    It is much easier to take the bike if drive and a lot easier to change your direction or itinerary in a car if the weather looks bad. Also you don't have to worry about damaged or lost bikes. Of course, the flip side is it takes an extra day or two each way.

    Also if you fly and are renting, check rental fleets before you leave as many bike shops start selling them off in the fall.
  • 10-03-2012
    I asked this question last year, and ended up in Tuscon. I flew to Phoenix, just because there were nonstops there and drove the couple hours. I was also looking at Sedona, but was warned there might still be snow (turned out there wasn't last year, but it was a pretty mild winter).
    Flights, hotels, rental cars were all considerably cheaper than anywhere I've ever been in Cali.
    It was warm and dry, exactly the opposite of where I was coming from, and exactly what I was looking for. Also very different riding than I'm used to.

    It seems, to me at least, like the problem with the east coast in the winter is, well first, even if you go somewhere it's not likely to snow, that time of year is still pretty wet. Second, if you go far enough south that it's going to be warm, the quality of riding drops off. I know there is some good riding in FL, for example, but nothing I'd spend 5 days and make a trip out of.
  • 10-03-2012
    Austin, Texas. Tucson, Arizona.
  • 10-03-2012
    If I was going to fly, Arizona sure is nice. However, if I was driving, the southeast all the way down to Florida can be a good time. I did both trips last year...yeah I know you feel sorry for me....and loved them both.

    Driving gives you the option of changing course if the weather gets bad somewhere. Santos near Ocala, Florida has nearly 90 miles of trail now. Sure, it's not the mountains, but they have some great trails and you're almost guaranteed perfect weather. Oak Mtn in Birmingham, Alabama can be near perfect in Febuary too. North Georgia and Western North Carolina are always awesome mountain bike destinations and I've had 70degree febuary days in both places. But I've had 30 degree days there too!
  • 10-03-2012
    Are you avoiding the cold or the snow, if your avoiding the snow go to Hurrican Utah area or Moab / grand juction CO area and call me maybe i will meet up with you, if your avoiding the cold and snow go to Phoenix Az area.