I'm heading out on a 8-10 day road trip in the Western US in early June. Leaving the SF/Bay Area on the 1st and planning on being home around the 9th. I've room for 1 or 2 more, with bikes and gear. Plan on a combo of camping and motels along with the possibility of staying with friends a night or 2. Here's the details: Drive straight through to Fruita/Grand Junction to rendezvous with friends on the 2nd, ride 2 days there; zip over to Moab for a full-moon slickrock ride (the BEST nightride I've ever experienced) and a day on the Whole Enchilada (or Mag 7); down to Durango with a stop in Telluride or Phil's World along the way; 2 days of riding in Durango (my former home town); drive back west via either: N. Rim of the Grand Canyon, or a secret camping spot on 2000' cliffs and Page; a day at Gooseberry or JEM, and a long day and 1/2 home via Vegas (if it's not too hot for a ride at Blue Diamond) or Tioga Pass/Yosemite. Here's what you'll be likely to see/ride/camp:

There isn't a lot of flexibility in the itinerary or the start/end dates, except for the route home, as we'll be meeting other friends along the way, but what we will ride are all world-class places and as we'll be traveling through my former backyard, there are a lot of opportunities to see and ride places that you would never otherwise have heard about.

What are you responsible for? Share costs of gas, motels and camping supplies evenly, the ability to ride at an advanced level, a love of good beer and music, and an adventurous outlook.

As for me, I'm from Colorado and have been riding for 26 years, mainly in the places that we'll be visiting. I've lived in Grand Junction and Durango and was formerly an MTB and ski/snowboard instructor and MTB and ski guide, so I'm patient, don't leave people behind and try to have fun at all times. We'll be meeting and riding with another MTBR member and a few friends from Jackson Wyoming and Denver, one of whom is a factory mechanic for Giant, so you might even get you bike tuned up on the trip!

Anyway, If anyone is interested in this unique "guided" trip without the excessive cost and random guests of a commercial tour, let me know via PM.

Hope we'll see one of you out on the trial with us!