This extreme 10 days mountain bike trip takes you to the very heart of the north Vietnam mountain . You will discover some of the finest cycling trails in Vietnam has to offer. Beginning in Hanoi , we will cycle and climb five major passes from 1,500m to 1,800m.

This allows you to reach one of the most delightful parts of the Northern Top in Vietnam where you'll find big rolling hills, great views and speedy open descents with good sight lines. A single track in the middle reminds you what real mountain biking is all about. At its end, it lands you on a steady climb that takes you over some grand hill tops and more amazing views for some excellent descending . With enough left in the legs the day can be rounded off by dragging yourself up and ripping down trails. By that stage in the day they are usually are pretty empty. The images below were taken on a series of visits.They say more than I could about the type of riding and atmosphere on the route. There's no doubt I'll be returning just as many times.

We are supported by a sturdy transit van on the main road , motorbike is perfectly equipped support for the terrain . Some day we not riding from hotel to hotel but not an entirely comfortable passenger vehicle and participants should sign up expecting to ride as much of the tour as they can.

This trip is 8/10 difficult mountain bike with off road ,terrain, dirt trails , single track, tough.... That is REAL mountain bike trip.
Depart: 20th December 2013
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