This is a little off-topic, but relevant:

I have my touring/monster-tour bike set up with S&S couplers. I would like to figure out if I can come up with a way to quickly remove the wheels and decouple the bike and either strap it together or put it in a highly packable case for use when traveling by car or to stuff it behind the seat of a work truck.

My main thought is that I could drive to a work site with my crew, work most of the day and then put my bike back together in 5 minutes and ride off to do site visits with clients. I would want to be able to take the sack or straps/pads with me on the bike, so it would have to be a pretty light and compact system.


S & S couples travel sack ideas?-img_2409_2.jpgS & S couples travel sack ideas?-img_5495.jpg