I'm driving from North Carolina to Southern California at the beginning of October. I'm psyched for the trip because I've only biked in California once and have never been to Colorado or Utah.

If anyone has recommendations on trails, places to stay, things my wife can do while I'm biking, things to see, etc it would greatly appreciated.

Here's what I'm thinking so far. Note, if it was just myself, I would bike and camp every place I could but I'll be traveling with my wife so I don't want to bore her to death. I'm thinking I'll probably make 4 stops to bike so I want to make them epic rides


Spend 1 1/2 days around Boulder and Denver. Explore the area and go hiking and biking. Any trail recommendations?

Spend a half day in Fruita. Bike Ribbon - and ________?

Spend a full day in Moab -- it'll be during Outer bike. Any trail recommendations and anything my wife can do while I'm biking?

Spend ~2 hours in St. George. Bike Bearclaw Poppy