Wonderful vacation in Punta San Carlos in november 2013. Here's a souvenir video I made. I'm no pro rinding (has you can see), filming or editing. So posting it just for fun and to show what great place it is. I was riding a Santa Cruz Tallboy LT alu (first time on a 29er) a tad small for me I thinků Most footage is in area with views so some more tech/steep riding not shown in my video.

9 days in a row of windsurfing (3 to 5 hours per day), MTB, SUP. I was there mainly for a windsurfing clinic with Makani Fin C held by Tyson Poor and Wyatt Miller. Really a fun week, exotic place and great service by Solo Sport.


Here's a more pro video of Nicolas Chapleau who was there for Makani: