Just got back from four days over on the Oregon coast. No I didn't take my bike. The whole idea was to get away from home and to go see light houses.
We wanted to get away so that my wife and I could get some air and get over a case of bronchitis. we were on the downhill side of it. My 17 yro daughter now is battling it. I feel bad for her. I know what she is dealing with. She will have a tough couple of weeks.
Anyway, While traveling over there I noticed a ton of mountain bikes. Only a few trail heads that I could see. The thought of riding on the beaches really raises the hair on my arms. I would love to do that. It looks fairly easy. I saw tracks in a couple of places so I know it can be done. Maybe next time I will be sure to take the bike. (gotta feel better than I did though.) We had a great time. We are feeling better. We got away for a bit, that was very important.
we were over in the Newport area. I know there is riding area over there. Tons of forest area. Looks like a great place. Seen lots of bikes on cars and trucks but not many people riding. Oh well. I just wasn't in the right place is all.