Im headed to Spain, France, and Italy, with my mounatin bike. My plan as of now is to go to Madrid, and then to the Basque region for to ride my bike for a week or so, go to Barcelona, and then go to France or Italy for another week of riding staying in hostels or other cheap buy secure comodations along the way. I was looking at the Lake Garda area, but a lot of things I have read say its a little extreme. I would guess I am an intermediate rider with a sketchy bike so I prefer trails that are not to much downhill at one time in case my brakes decide to stop working. I like riding uphill and downhill and acrosshill in flowy singletrack. My main question is about weather and snow conditions, since its March and April. Any sugestions about where to ride this time time of year would be great, also I havenīt found a lot of information about riding in the Basque region around San Sabastian, other than its some of the best so anything on that would be great.