Explore the old town, stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, a small village in the inner city by bike
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Hoan Kiem Lake is the first destination. Cycling around Hoan Kiem Lake is a gentle enough experience for the first time in Hanoi. Here, in addition to scenic streets, visitors can visit Ngoc Son Temple, the small mall but passersby crowded

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Dong Xuan Market, where busy people who buy and sell the points to be if you want to find out about business culture of Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general people. Since the markets are in the market to trade scenes quite interesting, distinctive

Apart from the old French villas, the legacy of the French left around Hanoi tourists also well worth a visit, to find out. Located on the road from downtown to the West Lake area, visitors can see a lot of this type of architecture. Along the street, visitors can see the store sells furniture under category separately in accordance with the street name. It is typical images of 36 old streets of Hanoi.One of the remarkable village and West Lake is featured in Yen Phu and Nghi Tam village specialized aquarium, fish fighting. Visitors can completely stop at the shops, specialized fish to see how native fish, aquarium care of the people here.

Going into the village of Nghi Tam village area, you will be surprised with the beautiful small villas, old houses impressive, the stunning bonsai garden.The winding coastal road under West Lake visitors can always make the bike a relaxed, gentle.There are many routes to tourists can stay and if selected temples point, you will have plenty of opportunities to stay and chat, take photos.
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Finally you can enjoy a meal with traditional dishes, characterized as bun cha Hanoi, spring rolls, pho, bun thang ... You can visit the shop rolls Thanh Van, 14 Hang Ga, a consistent voice rolls in Hanoi 40 years