April, laden with golden paddy central, busy harvest season caused thousands of foreign tourists come to tour scenic countryside, explore the culture of Vietnam rice.

Many delegations USA, France, Australia to Quang Nam Cycling Tours rice paddies, enjoy the peaceful coastal town of Hoi An.

He Josiane (French tourists) confided: “This is the third time my wife and I travel to Vietnam, this time lucky at a time when the central rice fields close to harvest season. Side rice paddies Cycling gold, we felt so peaceful with happy time together. ”

Australian tourists spellbound laden with yellow rice flower photography Cam Thanh, Hoi An City, Quang Nam.

French tourist group enjoy photographing farmers in Duc Pho District (Quang Ngai) rice harvest. According to many local people, within a week there are dozens of corporations with hundreds of foreign visitors passing through here, the car stopped along Highway 1A into the lowlands please take souvenir photos farmers are harvesting rice .

Although peasant toil but still flashed a charming smile to welcome hordes of visitors from France. “First time experience traveling the countryside, there is nothing more exciting when immersed in painting idyllic rural Vietnam that deep. Farmers in the friendly country hospitality in creating a good impression our hearts, “she Danique Jansen (Dutch tourists) share.

Western tourists listening guides introduce Vietnam rice culture, the development process, grain growth from a tiny sprout early sowing, spent several months blooming, flowering laden with gold particles.

After “plays” farmers, tourists resting in leaf huts, enjoying tea pots are made ​​from dried coconut shells from savory to sweet country Vietnam. Statistics of Hoi An City People’s Committee, from the beginning of the year, a monthly average of 2,000 local tourists visit the tour to experience the countryside, watching cycling rice paddies, village here.