• 06-06-2013
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    Big Laguna Trail Mountain Biking Trip San Diego Plus Pics and Video
    BEEP BEEP BEEP.... BEEP BEEP BEEP. 5:15 a.m. on a Saturday. Must not hit the snooze button. Ice cold CamelBak. Check. Trail snacks. Check. Riding gear. Check. Stumble out, load up the bike, and hit the road.

    Met up with friends plus a few new faces at Costco in Mission Viejo to start our convoy down to Mt. Laguna. 120 miles and running.

    We make good time and get to the trailhead by 8:15. A couple of people forgot Adventure Passes and the store didn't open till 9:00. So, not ready to roll quite yet. Plus, we had to wait on Cisco and Tony. As usual, Tony was late. Tried to blame it on Cisco's toy (Smart) car.

    Let's roll. Climbing? Already? Who is in charge of this route? Anybody know where we are going? That way. No that way. Turn around. Back that way. I am already tired and we haven't even started yet.

    What kind of pace is this? Where is Tony? He needs to get out front and slow this thing down. Drop down and to the left . . . wide open meadow and flowy singletrack. Am I dreaming? This NorCal boy is thinking . . . are you sure this isn't the Sierras? Freaking awesome.

    We are on the bank of a lagoon in the middle of a grand meadow. This must be Nirvana. How can this get any better? With the breathe of the Heavens giving us a soothing breeze, the early summer grass danced and swayed upon the meadow. What could have been a hot and miserable ride was blessed with perfect weather.

    Where do we go from here? More singletrack. Did I mention it was flowy? And the trees . . . Singeltrack for days. Miles of singeltrack meandered through the meadow until we had to climb again. To Gatos Ravine we must go. Let's play on the logs for a while. Oh what's this? A table top log jump. GoPro time. Down we go. Lean left. Lean right. Cruising.

    Pull out the cameras, picture time. The crew took our time on the backside of the meadow. Rock climbing? Check. Rest on a hilltop under a swaying tree gazing upon the lush valley? Check. Indy posing for 100 hundred pictures? Check. Indy taking 200 hundred pictures? Check. We don't want to leave. No hurry to leave the land that time forgot.

    Finished off with sandwiches in the shade. It was a good day to be alive.



    Group shot,
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    Rock Climbing...check
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    Endless view

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    Miles singletrack...planning to be back in fall!
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    The journey is not over yet,
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    We all agreed, Big Laguna trail is one of The Best in SoCal. :)
  • 06-17-2013
    Cool riding there this coming weekend, also coming from MV. Did you ride Noble canyon as well?