Xterra for First Timer?

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  • 01-04-2013
    Xterra for First Timer?
    Anybody do the Xterra off-road triathlon @ Basin? I've raced a lot (not recently), but have never done a triathlon. I'm looking for a goal for the year.
  • 01-05-2013
    1 cog frog
    It's on my bucket list, but I have yet to convince myself that I actually want to swim in Pineview! The running and riding I can do, but training for the swim doesn't excite me.

    A good friend of mine did it for the 2nd time last year and he trained all year and did various tri's and he mentioned how tough Xterra was.

    I did the Hurt in the Dirt last year, and it was painful, but fun.

    Hurt in the Dirt - GOAL Foundation - Get Out and Live

    I flatted 3 times due to jack stickers/goat heads(and only had 2 spare tubes), so it took me forever to finish. I am planning on doing it again this year.
  • 01-28-2013
    The Boz
    Just do it!
    I've done the Xterra up at Snow Basin twice now, and it is a BLAST! After doing a bunch of road triathlons at sprint and olympic distances, I made the switch to dirt. My first time I was a dirt newbie, on a 30 lb full suspension tank. For 2012 I was on a carbon hardtail and more importantly in much better shape after doing the PCP2P. Swimming in the Pineview reservoir was totally fine, the water was actually fairly warm (every year I see a few folks do it without a wetsuit, but I recommend one). It is a tough race but look at the finish times, there are people of all ability levels that conquer it. There are two distances as well. The atmosphere is awesome with all the Pros there for the championship, and a big party awaits at the finish. The only problem with this race is that all the regular road triathlons I used to love now all seem a bit boring!
  • 01-30-2013
    Re: Xterra for First Timer?
    The Snow Basin Xterra is on my bucket list of races to do. It sounds like a ton of fun.
  • 01-31-2013
    I signed up today! This will be my first race in a very long time, and my first traithlon ever. My goal is to finish (and maybe not last)! If any other newbies want to train with me, let me know. I'm in Ogden.

    I also need recommendations for a wetsuit. Do I go long sleeve or short sleeve? I dunno.
  • 02-01-2013
    I Have been doing Xterra races for the past two years. I am also in Ogden if you want to train I am in need of a training buddy as well. I first did the sprint version here at basin 2 years ago and got hooked! I agree that it makes all my other tri events seem boring as well. last year I went and did some other events in CO, NV, and the Nationals here at basin again. I went for the full distances all last year and never did I feel it like at basin. That course just beat me up! (didn't help that I had not swam for awhile and crashed pretty good on the bike course.) I highly recommend getting into Xterra racing.
    As for a wetsuit, I have the Xterra sleeveless one and sometimes wish I had the full arm coverage. It does limit movement slightly but the added buoyancy that you have with the suit cannot be overlooked.
    Sorry to keep blabbing on but I love this sport. It is an awesome challenge and the people you race with are the most down to earth people I have ever met.
    Happy training!
  • 02-04-2013
    I've done Xterra sport the last 5 or 6 years. It's an awesome race and will make you want to do more. If you're worried about the swim you can do the sport race instead of the full. The race is won on the bike so be ready to hammer on it. Practice running hills as the run starts out heading straight up the mountain. I've used a full and sleeveless suit and prefer the full. Since the race is in September the water gets pretty cold. A few other tips:
    1. Practice swimming in open water.
    2. If you're a fast biker you'll need to be prepared to pass lots of slow triathletes pretending to be mtn bikers. Do some mtn bike racing to prepare for this. In June, July and August snowbasin has races every Wednesday night for $10. They would be great prep and are a blast as well.
    3. Do some bike/run bricks to get your legs used to running after biking.
    4. Practice your transitions
    5. Pre-ride the bike course and get your nutrition figured out
  • 02-05-2013
    +1 on the following points (well done numchuks):
    - full length wetsuit preferred. i wore a 3/2 mm and was fine
    - train for lots of (steep) uphill running
    - there's a lot of passing on the mtb. not much coasting on this course.
    - train bricks
    - pre-ride
    - be familiar with your nutrition (incl hydration) needs
    - practice swimming in open water
    - practice the transition. it doesn't take much effort, but it saves a ton of time and psychological stress in the race. if your gear is organized and you know where things are that you need (perhaps the bike took it out of you, you know where a gel packet with caffeine is when you're putting on your running shoes).

    Two more points:
    1. there's a really fun Xterra in McCall Idaho on the 18th of August.
    it would be good mental and physical prep for the one in Ogden a few weeks later.
    2. I'm a strong swimmer, but I found swimming 'over' people and getting 'swum over' was a new and interesting experience. try not to get kicked in the face. the first tri i did, the swim really rattled me for this reason. knowing this in subsequent races helped me avoid this kind of stuff for the most part.

    The snow basin xterra is a total blast. Enjoy it!!!
  • 02-05-2013
    I think the swim scares me the most. Don't they have a training series up at Pineview? I was thinking of buying a wetsuit from Xterra; online reviews seem decent.
  • 02-23-2013
    Im in layton and did my first xterra last year and now Im hooked. A big one for me was make sure you can try on your wet suit first. I rented mine from striders in layton for 50$. But I rushed trying it on and it ended up being to tight during the race to breathe properly and i couldnt front crawl so I had to back stoke the whole way witch was a pain in the butt.
  • 02-28-2013
    I'm interested, but its too early for me to commit. Anyone know if this race usually sells out?

  • 08-21-2013
    Bumping this old thread.

    I am registered for the long course, 35-39 age group. Did a pre ride on Saturday. With the exception of the start and finish, the course seemed to be almost all climbing, but nothing too steep. The final 3 miles of downhill are sweet.

    Should be fun.