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    Winter Riding in Corner Canyon

    I ride regularly in CC March-November. I'm considering buying a fat tire bike to ride during the Winter. I'm just trying to find out how often I would actually be able to ride the trails on north-facing slopes, particularly BST, Potato Hill, Anne's, Canyon Hollow and Upper Ghost Falls. How often is there enough snow on those trails to ride without damaging them? I'm also not a super strong or aggressive rider. Any ideas on how I would do on a fat tire bike in the snow up there?

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    This year not much snow.
    You can usually ride immediately after a storm if there is less than about 5" of new snow. More than that gets really hard to get through. Once the trails get packed it is easier going til it gets muddy or icy, stay off the mud.
    Fat bikes are not hard to ride, just a little bit more weight and rolling resistance but lots of fun. They would be fun on those trails even in the summer.

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