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    Uinta Mountains backcountry biking. Who has done this?

    Hey Guys,

    I couldn't help but watch this short clip of some pretty awesome trails in the non-wilderness area of the Uinta mountains on Pinkbike today. Has anyone ridden the route they took? I think it would be a pretty awesome summer/fall adventure!

    Video: Forgotten Trail of the Uintas with Porter and the Provo Bros - Pinkbike

    Any insights would be awesome as I would love to adventure this next year since I moved back to Utah and looking for some backcountry fun.
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    Uinta Mountains backcountry biking. Who has done this?

    I'd be down for this if I could talk the wife into it. We hiked Christmas Meadows in late summer and it was nice. Definitely gonna go through Evanston next time. Every time we have gone through Kamas there was traffic all the way up to Bald Mountain. The drive back to the Wasatch through Evanston was free of traffic.
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