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    Riding buddies this week? Jan. 9 thru Jan. 14


    Im going to be headed out to the mecca tomorrow, Jan 9, for a week of riding. This is a call-out to anyone riding this week, so please post a response! I'll be on my own and new to the area, so definitely don't want to go out alone. I'm flexible to meet up wherever and whenever.

    Also, any MOAB trail conditions threads?

    Any other online sources for rider call-outs?

    Thanks, and happy riding.

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    What trails do you have your eye on so far? I assume your he in UT now

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    First day in Moab today. I rode Slickrock trail and it blew my mind! I brought two hardtails with me.. one being a SS with only 80mm fork. The geared ride worked beautifully for Slickrock.. I was a little worried but I expected it to be a little more technical. I would be interested in a ride that I could do with the SS. Also, if there is something a little more hairy, I may rent a full-sus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dickt3030 View Post
    Also, if there is something a little more hairy, I may rent a full-sus.
    I think you might not have a prob finding something more hairy :P

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