• 11-29-2012
    Please comment on new trail in virgin/hurricane!!!
    We're getting nearly six miles of new single track!!!

    Please send your positive comments via the link below!

    Link is here:

    Use drop down menu to choose St George Field Office and you will see:
    Hurricane Cliffs Trail


    An Environmental Assessment is being prepared to
    evaluate potential impacts from a BLM proposal to
    construct 5.3 miles of mountain bike singletrack
    trail in the Hurricane Cliffs area (see map).

    Trail construction would consist of removing brush and
    vegetation down to bare earth in a 16-inch wide
    corridor. Construction would be performed by a
    contracted trail crew paid with recreation use fees.

    The trail would provide new singletrack connections
    between the Virgin Dam Trailhead, the JEM Trail, and
    existing two-track roads. The project would provide
    additional recreation opportunities in an area that
    receives heavy recreational use.
  • 11-29-2012
    Done! Thanks for info and link.
  • 11-29-2012
    Rock dude
    It's great that we are getting more trails to the area.
  • 11-30-2012
    Supporting message sent to BLM. Thanks for the heads up.
  • 12-03-2012
    Thanks for the heads up!
  • 12-03-2012
    Link isn't working for me...
  • 12-05-2012
    Thanks for posting Monte!

    The link posted works for me but the link to bring up a page to add comments does not. Highlighting it does bring up the contact's email address however, so you can probably just email them to him directly: dkiel@blm.gov.

    New singletrack is always a good thing, especially since they "get it" in Utah, proposing 16" wide trail, rather than the 8ft wide crap they like to call trail here in San diego! Have to say though my preference would be singletrack to replace the road climb from end of Hurricane rim trail to the start of the Goulds Rim singletrack, but it looks like a lot of private property on the BLM map posted.
  • 12-05-2012
    Email in support sent, thanks for the heads up :thumbsup: