Moab Trip Planner

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  • 01-17-2017
    Thanks for the update!

    I'll keep watching the forecast and check in again a few days before I leave.

    I plan on bringing my rv trailer down (instead of pay for somewhere to stay) but I usually camp out by Sovereign/Klonzo or up cane creek road. How are the road conditions? I don't mind getting everything dirty but I don't want to do irreparable damage and jack up the roads or venture down there and find out access is closed.
  • 01-17-2017
    Everything is fairly dried out at the moment.I rode my dirtbike in the upper Porcy area yesterday and there was very little mud. My best advice is to just size it up when you get here because we do have some wet/ snow conditions shaping up for the end of this week. The road out to Klonzo stays in pretty good condition year round as it is packed pretty good, except across the wash. I'm sure you will find something.