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    Quote Originally Posted by somegeek View Post
    Still riding this bike stock. I put in a half day at my local indoor park and I'm getting used to this geometry now. I dig it! I may look at a 50mm stem and higher riser in time but for now it feels okay. Thanks for all the replies!
    how'd it work for 2014?! ; )

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmc4130 View Post
    how'd it work for 2014?! ; )
    Worked out well, thanks. I ended up changing my bar/stem setup on my mountain bike after riding this P3 for a while. On my mountain bike I went with a 4" wider handlebar and much shorter stem. Really like this wide bar and short stem. Handles much better.

    Learning to hit larger boxes at my local park on my P3. Went down a few weeks ago pretty hard on my knee/face so I've been on the bench healing but enjoying hitting larger hits. Just need to get back and put more time in. Learning how to drop my front end as I land accordingly. I effed up by not paying attention and landed my front wheel a touch too much on the deck. My bike wanted to stay there and my body's trajectory aimed at the landing so I fell down to the bottom of the jump. That hurt.

    My 5 and 7 yr olds are slowly pushing themselves and progressing which is fun to watch.


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