Hey guys.

I ride a '07 Norco Bigfoot at the moment and loving it..

I got it off a mate in pretty bad shape, needed cranks front wheel rear tyre things like that. Got all that fixed, put some hussefelt cranks on it, Maxxis Holy Roller tyres front and back and replaced the front rim.. Now I am in the market for new forks for it and rear rim as this one is badly buckled, I have found out that I am going to be needing about 500 bucks + cost of new rim, so I thought why not get a new bike, so that is my plan, for an extra couple of hundred bucks I can get a whole new '09 Norco bigfoot (for $1000), or '09 STP2 for $800.. I have read a couple of reviews for both bikes, Norco bigfoot seems to be almost floor less, and I already have one and I like it, it comes with kenda tyres, dual wall rims and Avid Juicy 3 hydro brakes which is a big plus, and the STP2 have mechanical brakes which most people have told are crap, the cranks come loose, but it's light and easy to move around..

So my question is what do you think I should go with, it will be used for dj, trails and street..

thanks Ty.