I see the presence of a growing community of jumpers and urban shredders down here, at Markham, and Virginia Key, but how many of us are forum nerds too? I'm trying to build a solid group of riders to start working together and advocating to gain more public land use for dedicated jumpers, as anyone familiar with the area knows, the jumps we have are designed more with 4x/race in mind. If a few lunatics don't mind digging, I'm also considering having a few hundred yards of clay trucked in to build a small, private flow park on my property. The idea being that with many government officials living nearby, we will have a decent park to ride, and it will double as an example of what we would like to accomplish for said officials to see first hand. With the explosion of skate parks being constructed on public lands with public funds here recently, I feel we have a good chance of getting access to land, especially with a decent volunteer base willing to sweat it out. If this is all too overwhelming, but you like to jump, and don't mind work, drop a line, you never know what easter eggs might be hiding behind those pines