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    New member/bike and some questions

    Hey guys, my name is Sasha ( I am a guy lol) new member here. Have been riding bikes, mainly cross country mountain biking f or most of my life ( I am 19) and just messing about, nothing serious. Always wanted a DJ bike because my 08 trek 4300 just was not up to scratch. Couple of days ago I ran across a 2013 Specialized p.26 pro in really good condition for... $150 . Anyways here in Louisville there is the derby bmx track and I am trying to get to jumping on the track but cant quite get the courage to do so, any tips lol? Would the tabletop be the best jump to learn on? Here are some pictures of the bike.
    New member/bike and some  questions-20141124_130937.jpgNew member/bike and some  questions-20141124_130956.jpg

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    Hey, Sasha. Welcome to MTBR. I was in a similar situation as you when getting into DJ. Rode mostly DH and cross country stuff. The specialized P series bikes are solid. I had a sweet one for my first DJ bike (and wish I still had it..). As long as it fits you well and you are comfortable on it it should work out well.
    As far as getting used to huckin it off of piles of dirt goes, tabletops are traditionally the best to learn on. One downfall to learning on tabletops is that they can make you more timid to doubles later on. As long as you are having fun and not pushing yourself too far too fast.
    Ride your bike and be happy.

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    I'm in the same boat, ride a xc 29 and just wanted a bike to try to jump and get some air
    only thing is im 38 so way late to the game. Anyhow Im just planning on finding some table top jumps or other trail features and try those to build the skill. Its a Santa Cruz chameleon some use it as a trail bike others as an dj. I rode it in my local trails and hucked off things etc. but man I had forgotten how much hard tails kick your ass, my back was hurting, not sure if its just the big change from a 29xc to a small 26" frame.
    anyhow if anyone has any tips I would love to get some input.. besides grow a pair and just hit a jump

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    Quote Originally Posted by yem999 View Post
    I'm in the same boat, ride a xc 29 and just wanted a bike to try to jump and get some air
    only thing is im 38 so way late to the game.
    This guy didn't start jumping until his early/mid 40s.

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