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    New to DJ whats a good starting point.

    Ive been thinking of buying a dj bike for quite some time, just to mess around. I ride a 29 trail bike but have never felt comfortable launching off jumps. there are only pump tracks to practice but plenty of stuff to jump in the trails just wondering if a DJ bike can be used in an xc type trail.
    I ride in south Florida.

    on a side note was thinking if it can be used as xc bike then I would let me nephew ride it as I want to take him to hit some trails but dont want to buy a shitty walmart 24" bike that will be heavy.

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    Yeah, you'd surprised how much you can crank singlespeed DJ bikes around regular trails. It's a different experience and riding style, but it's worth it.

    A Medium is generally considered to be 22" actual top tube, even though the seat tube may be very low--between 12" and 15" typically.

    But you can use a quick release clamp and raise / lower the seat as needed.

    A good starting point is going to craigslist and searching for "DJ", "jump" and "jumper."

    There are good deals out there, like this:
    2011 Specialized 26" P2 Dirt Jump bike

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    You can definitely use a dirt jump for trails. Since I'm a smaller guy I only ride DJ's since they fit me better. I have a geared one I take on trails. I even use my other one to ride DH.

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    @going how tall are you.? Im 5'5 , I think its a good idea/excuse for a second bike
    and maybe I can gain some confidence catching air. Every time I launch with my 29r I feel the front end goes down to easily. How much travel do you guys have on those jumpers.
    thanks for the diagram

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