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The owner has built bikes for two big name companies on the market and has tons of experience with bikes among all our other hobbies he fabricates things for (sand rails/offroad bumpers/choppers) . He can customize a frame with whatever geometry you like and we have a few for sale. We can even put some gopro mounts on the frame or make custom mounts(we have made a few) Frames are heat treated and ready to go can be anodized or powdercoated through us also. like us to see our updates
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heres one of our protoypes and there are many more pictures on our pages heres a build page TWOSIXBIKES-our-builds Photo Album - Page 1 - Pinkbike
check out our ski bike for sale also !

Heres the RAW protoype and you can see his custom bumper on his FJ he also made.