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    mountain bike for dirt jumper

    hi there guys I am looking a getting into dj and I have been offered a trade for my mountain bike I have been offered a 2012 gt ruckus do you think it is a good deal my bike for the dj here are pics
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails mountain bike for dirt jumper-img_2725.jpg  

    mountain bike for dirt jumper-img_2722.jpg  

    mountain bike for dirt jumper-img_2723.jpg  

    mountain bike for dirt jumper-img_2720.jpg  

    mountain bike for dirt jumper-img_2724.jpg  

    mountain bike for dirt jumper-img_2721.jpg  

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    What brand/model is your bike? I can't make out the red writing.....

    If it were me, yes, I would definitely trade if I wanted to jump.

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    No question, definitely do it.

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    WTF, who the hell would trade a DJ Ruckus for that POS?!? Something's fishy.

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    I agree with the guy above.

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    Why does one pic of the ruckus have reflectors on the spokes, the other doesn't?

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    Make sure that the Ruckus is not stolen.

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