• 11-13-2012
    Go pro question for you dj ers
    Hey i didnt post this in classifieds cause this is more of just a what do you think type thing as i dont have the go pro yet but my question is. Would any of you guys trade a dj bike for a go pro hero hd?

    I'm new to dirt jumping and would just be looking for a cheaper bike. I have an opportunity to get a nice go pro for some other stuff i have layin around and i'd trade the guy if i thought i could get a bike out of it. What do you think? could i get a cheap bike for a go pro?
  • 11-24-2012
    a $200 dj bike is like buying a bike from walmart. its gunna be heavy, half the gears wont work and the brakes will suck. just save up for a decent build. you can get a ns holy for a fair price and those are decent starter bikes