Hey so I'm looking for a fisheye lens that is made for Nikon, preferable works with a Nikon D40. I have no idea about DSLR camera's and the lens isn't even for me, my friend is graduating high school soon to go off to college to become a photographer and he has been talking about how he wanted a fisheye lens, so as a graduation gift I thought I would get him one.

I found a local guy near me that is selling a Sigma EX Fisheye lens 8 mm F/3.5 Nikon F lens for $350 which is half the price of what it cost online. He said it will work with a Nikon D40 however since the D40 relies on the lens to have an AF motor in it. Which the Sigma doesn't have it won't completely work, however since the camera is soooo little depth of field, if you just keep the focus set anywhere between 1m and infinity the pictures will always be in focus anyways.

So main question is what fisheye lens will work with the D40, or is the simga a good deal