hi all,

about two years ago, i purchased a used santa cruz jackal for the local pump track, bmx racing, and also trail riding in inclement weather/conditions. luckily, it came w/ a pretty tall, setback thompson seat post, so after i added a 9 speed cassette, it's not bad getting it up a hill.

it came w/ a rockshox pike dual air fork---i had the oil + seals replaced when i first purchased it, but i think it might be on it's last legs now (oil leakage around the lockout dial, and the 20mm maxle unclock's itself when going down rough terrain. this isnt an issue at the bike park, but for trail riding it does make me nervous as you can feel things get noodly in the front end). i'll def take it to the LBS later this week, but also wanted to get input from the forum on what might be a good replacement fork, for not too much $$:

-ideally air spring, so that i can use it for both the bmx, pump track and trail riding
-100mm to 140mm of travel (the jackal can take up to a 160mm fork, but my thought is anything too much over 100mm would alter the geometry)
-some form of lockout

i looked online, and the rockshox argyle seems to be a fairly common unit, but the air spring units are pretty pricey. any thoughts or suggestions from the forum on what might be a good fork for both trail and park riding? thanks!