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Thread: DJ bike + lyrik

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    DJ bike + lyrik

    I just ordered a yeti DJ frame and am trying to build it up. I have a lyrik air e]set at 115 mm. Would this be an okay fit to get me riding it. This way I can spend on better rims.

    Let me know if you are running a lyrik. And if 115mm is too high.


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    It's more of what the axle to crown (AtoC) measurement is than the amount of travel. I have a Yeti DJ too, and I love it. I run mine with an older Talas lowered to 100mm. Which fully extended is ~515mm. Lowered to 100mm makes my fork ~475mm..

    The Lyrik is around 545mm, but this is from the web so YMMV. I have no idea what the fully extended travel is.. 160mm? 170mm? Assuming 160mm, your fork is now 500mm AtoC. Might still be a bit too high, but ask Yeti.

    Yeti's website is horrible. All it says is the DJ can take an 80mm or 100mm fork. So even based on that, your fork has too much travel. But contact them and ask. I'm curious to what they say too, but it's fine with a 100mm fork with a 475mm AtoC.

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    Re: DJ bike + lyrik

    I have a lyrik solo air set at 115mm on my yeti dj. I have been really happy with it so far. I am going to rebuild my 2 step cartridge and run it so that I can run it 90-130mm.

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