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    Dirt Jump area bulldozed in San Diego

    Just a quick video to remind us of what can happen to our riding areas. Please please please get involved with your local MTB advocacy group. As mountain bikers we sometimes feel like second class citizens. Everyone else gets the support. I think it's because we have been slow to get together and work together.

    Bike Park Built By Point Loma Children Destroyed - KSWB

    If you live in San Diego there is a group called Freeride Famosa that is working to get this area legitimized. The SDMBA Progressive Riders Organization is also working with local and state government to get more "legal" freeride areas.

    SDMBA-Progressive Riders Organization
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    yeah I heard about that tragic

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    Wow, that really blows. I remember building BMX tracks all over the neighborhood back in 1976-77 in Savannah. I can really feel for these guys after all the hard work they did and the sense of accomplishment when you rip around that track for the first time...

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    You said it. Get involved in your local riding group. The more voices we have, the more we'll get heard.
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