I have been researching both frames for a new build. From what I hear, the mx24 geometry is awesome. I hear great things about the suburban as well, but I would rather not worry about breaking frames even if I can get a replacement. I am leaning more towards the Curtis even though it weighs more and has longer chainstays. But will I be losing anything If I want to also use the curtis on the street? Will the suburban be an overall better choice for a mix of both street and dirt? I know I can't go wrong with either frame. But If I am going to spend the money, I might as well get some more opinions on them and keep researching.

Edit: The focus of the bike I am building is about 65% dirt and 35% street. I have 2, maybe 3 acres of woods in my back yard that I have been building a trail in for a past week or 2. But it is far from done. I'll try to get some pics when its not raining here.