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    Chucker or Ruckus 3.0

    Any suggestions? I know everyone is gonna tell me to go for a P-bike or a Giant STP but I still can't find one cheaper than any of these two. The chucker is about 100 bucks less than the ruckus. I know all of the stock parts will brake on any of these things but the ruckus has a little better fork and some cheap disk brakes, as opposed to the rim brakes on the chucker. I just want one NOW. I'm sick of riding park with my F/S rig.

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    EBAY EBAY EBAY!!!!!!! you could get a decent bike with parts a billion times better for less than 449$
    heres an idea

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    I have had the Ruckus 3.0 for several months now and have yet to have anything break on it. The rear brake is a bit sloppy. It doesn't want to return to full open after braking. Other than that, I have really enjoyed it. I fully plan on getting some hydrolic brakes anyway. Get it if you want. I don't think it will be a bad choice. Just budget for future upgrades.

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    i donno man i wouldnt buy either

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    buy used. I picked up a setup ten-billion times better than either of those for half the price.
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    You know at my shop we carry the Rukus and I really like the geometry for urban/dj nice and stable, but the parts list is something that would need to go right from the start. Ours come with Sram SX-4 shifters, complete crap. Hayes SOLE brakes, complete crap.

    Check eBay or pinkbike or craigslist, you will be much happier in the end.


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