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    BMX Rim Manufacturer or Spec?

    This is a general Question i am getting a 2005 Haro Nyquist R1 It Has 40Spoke Double Wall Alloy Rims , Would a Alex 303-series rim be better .


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    I think the double walled rim would be better, but don't quote me on that.

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    don't know anything about the Alex 303's off the top of my head (are they lightweight single walls or something?), but would probably have to know the model of the dub wall rims to be able to compare... As far as I knew, all of Alex's best bmx rims were from the Supra series...
    and I doubt they are 40 hole, I don't think that exists, probably either 48 or 36 spoke.
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    You don't need to mess with the wheels yet. Just keep those spoke tight like I told ya before, as you will have a hard time finding replacement rims. In 18 years of freestyle BMX riding I have only used 36 spoke double wall wheels. Those wheels should last you a good long time if you keep them tight.
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    Yeah, dude, I wouldn't worry about the wheels right now. That bike comes with 40 hole rims which will be hard to find. But, they should last a long time. Maybe on down the road, think about replacing the wheels with a 36 or 48 spoke set.

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