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    Best 24" Cruiser?

    What would you guys say is the best 24" bmx for cruising? I'm 5'7" and got an OM flyer, which I can return, but I think it's a bit too big for me.

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    So, for just "cruising" you could be riding either a freestyle (street/park/dirt jump) 24" or a race 24".

    Race frames are not going to be designed to accomodate pegs, will be lighter, and usually have V-brakes instead of U-brakes.

    popular freestyle 24"s:

    1) Sunday "Model C" (complete) and "Wave C" (frame only)

    2) We The People "Atlas" (complete)

    3) S&M Dirt Bike 24" (not sold as complete)

    4) Stolen Saint XLT 24" (complete) 2014 Stolen Saint XLT 24 Bike at Danscomp

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