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    Hope Backyard pump track up and running

    So I won't blow this up into more than it is, but backyard pump track is finally up and running. It's currently a full oval, but with a lot more shovel work will have three more berms added to it.

    One day it'll start raining again and I'll document the whole thing. But for now it's a combination between getting the rest of the plants in before the dry weather sets in, shoveling, and riding.

    Without further ado, here's a clip:

    The overall space is about 55' x 30'. The current two berms being ridden have a radius of about 8'. The bumps I think are 9' apart and about 18" high.

    The berm you can see is a bit over 3' in height but probably wants to be 4' or so when I'm done. The berm you can't see (the one close to the camera) is close to 5' in height and it's not too hard to get 4' up on it.

    And yeah, that only took one year including three rebuilds. Pump tracks are a lot harder to put together than a trail! Even though they look so easy to build.

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    Looks great man! Also, fits in nice with the yard as well. I would love to have that in my back yard.

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    looks great!

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