i posted this on the arizona board but i know theres some az guys and gals hangin in here too. so its a "x post" then right? im learnin.

hi folks!

im a ex az guy livin in the midwest now and i make my way back home every year. times come to do it again and im plannin a drunken night ride (DNR) on the lower trails of s. mtn. on halloween night about 9pm. meet in the school parkin lot on equestrian trail just west of the warner elliot loop in "the tuke". bring yer own lights, hydration method (cans only please and be sure to carry yer empties out) a helmet and a lame costume. DNR's tend to be shorter, low key affairs so dont get the wrong idea. we go at a mello pace and the idea isnt to see who gets the drunkesterest. see what i mean?