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    What's in the graveyard?

    All right then, list what you had before your current Turner. I'm curious to see what bikes everyone's been through. Include pics!!!

    The Graveyard R.I.P.
    A number of Walmart type mtb's before I caught the bug - destroyed them all
    1998 GT Rebound w/ rockshox jett - rode untill I had enough $ for my first build
    2001 Santa Cruz Superlight w/ Z1-Xfly
    2001 Santa Cruz Chameleon w/ Z1 MCR
    2003 Santa Cruz Bullit w/ Monster T
    I went through this weird santa cruz thing
    2003 Mountain Cycle Rumble w/ Z1

    The Living
    2003 Evil Imperial w/ Z150
    2001 RFX w/ 5" rockers, triple chain ring, (my 5 spot)
    2002 RFX w/6" rockers, SRS, 66RC

    What's in your graveyard?

    Here's the living
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    ... and if we just ... Rip

    Rest in peices:
    1) Blur; overated imho.
    2) Bullit; Too many susp quirks.
    3) Uzzi DH; Rode nice but flexible and interupted seat tube limits options, also broke the Chainstay.
    4) Cannondale Jeckyle 3000; good bike but still a single pivot.
    5) 99EW Truth; A 4" bike that felt like a softail?
    also Fisher joshua; Bent ,Mcmahon Buff; Broke 3X ,GT Idrive , Foes weasle Broke but Foes Gave A crash replacement deal for the Fly and??? 5 hardtails.

    yes I have had a bike problem for 11/12 years and I'm still suffering from it.

    The living
    1) Med 5 Spot; Best I've owned but not the lightest at 30#
    2) Foes fly; Great but too much bike for my style. Frame only weighs 11# for a small but it's an 8" frame that I've climed 5,000 ft mountains on!!!
    3) Cannondale 1FG; just built it cheap to try it. weighs only 22.5# with2.3 tires and tubes; needs gears.... and suspension,,, jury's out on ss for me.

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    The Graveyard R.I.P.
    Late 80's Specialized Rockhopper - Rigid
    1991 Canondale m500 - Rigid
    1994 GT Avalanche - Rigid
    2003 Stumpjumper Comp XC
    2004 5-Spot w/ Maveric DUC

    Hopefully all are in good homes being ridden.

    The Living
    2004 Specialized Roubaix (road bike)
    2004 Kona Unit Rigid SS (haven't forgotton my roots)
    2005 Flux w/ Terralogic 100x
    2005 in progress
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    Wow, this is good exercise for one's memory!!!

    1989 Specialized Hard Rock
    1990 Trek 1000 (Road)
    1991 Gary Fisher AL1
    1993 Trek 2300 (Road)
    1995 GT Zaskar
    1996 Pro-Flex 956
    1999 Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo (used for commuting)

    2000 Giant OCR 1 (Road)
    2005 Turner Flux

    If my calculations are right I have probably spent in the neigborhood of $12,000 in bikes during the last 16 years (not counting gear and upgrades). Although from what I read here some people go through that in one year!!!

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    Awesome thread idea!

    Also, i can't help but notice that most happy RFX owners also own a FR/DJ hardtail.....

    The living:
    Turner RFX w/Z150
    Dekerf Implant w/ Z1
    Davidson custom steel road bike w/ campy chorus

    I love the current stable and don't see many changes coming.......

    The dead:
    Titus switchblade (sold)
    3 santa cruz superlights(broke, broke, broke)
    Dekerf team SL (broke)
    Davidson 853 hardtail (lasted 4 years!)
    Gary Fisher prometheus Ti HT (sold)
    Cannondale super-V (broke)
    a whole bunch of marzocchi forks (sold)
    a couple of road bikes:
    fondriest mega-chrome (24lbs! sold)
    davidson stilleto (too small)
    steel bianchi (why does this thing always pull to the left?)
    specialized 'cross (sold)

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    My first mtb was a 2003 gary fisher marlin. Nice little bike.
    My second mtb was a 2003 giant NRS 2. it sucked.
    My third mtb was a 2004 c'dale gemini 900. Big fat heavy.
    My fourth mtb was a2004 brodie hellion DJ bike. "the shin mangler"
    My fifth mtb is a Turner 5 spot.
    My sixth mtb is a surly 1x1.

    I got rid of them all and kept the surly and turner. I still have the brodie and marlin frames.
    Quite possibly the slowest single speeder on earth.
    Now skating 'cause its cheaper.

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    on a routine expedition
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    Past bikes:
    1989 Specialized Hardrock
    1992 Gary Fisher Supercaliber (day-glo yellow, remember those days?). Came with a rigid fork and thumbshifters. I eventually added a Manitou 2.
    1994 Specialized S-Works M2 hardtail
    1996/97 Mantis Screaming V
    Current bike:
    2004 Turner 5spot
    soon to be joined by:
    2005 Turner 6pack

    I've only got a picture of the Mantis.
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    The Dead:
    1988 Haro Escape (Loaned to drug addict relative-see ya!)
    1990 Trek 7000 (Sold)
    1993 Performance Ti Hardtail (Broke)
    1999 Trek 5200 USPS Team Replica (Sold)
    1999 Turner Stinger (Sold)

    Life Support (Full bike intact, but looking for a new home)
    1994 Amp B3 w/Stratos Helix Expert

    The Living
    1998 VooDoo Wazoo Cyclocross
    2000 Supergo Access Al Hardtail
    2000 Turner RFX w/5" rockers
    2005 Turner Flux
    2005 Turner 5 Spot
    2005 Ridley Excalibur
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    When I read this thread, I see bikaholism problems.

    Since my first Mountain bike (in 1986), I have only owned these bikes

    The Dead :

    Bridgestone MB-3
    Yakota (WTF is was...P.O.S)

    Killed in an accident (bad genes at birth):

    Ellsworth Truth

    The Living:

    Raleigh technium a single speed
    Schwinn homegrown factory hardtail, a great bike
    Ellsworth Id (I can hear the jeers, I used the genes of the truth to clone it)

    The Preggo:
    ..and soon a Turner Burner (Frame will be here soon but final build delivery date unknown)...the ultrasound said a red large baby.
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    Past Bikes

    The "OG" MTB: a huffy bmx frame salvaged from the junkyard and built up by my dad complete with a slick on the back. I was building trails in the field and woods behind our house at 10.

    Replaced with a Schwinn leTour salvaged and built up by my dad (see a theme?) It saw all the same trails and went through a lot of wheels.

    Raleigh Team USA complete with red, white and blue Olympic paint scheme (my first new bike) Lasted until riding home from wrenching at the bike shop in college. Crashed HARD and carried it back to the shop where I sold my soul to the company store for my first mounain bike...

    Bianchi Peregrine with deore dx (rigid) Added a Manitou 2 after my first Chubb ride (Pokev, you understand) Broke the frame and it was replaced by another Bianchi Osprey.
    I gave it to my little bro as a graduation present. He abandoned it in a garage in Auburn AL. Some one got lucky...

    Cherry Bicycles Cherry Bomb in MOPAR orange of course (once I graduated and had enough money to buy the bikes I'd been building for 4 years) with a Maitou EFC, then a Palmer "stroker" aka the "broker" then an SX Ti. Soon to be converted to the Baden trailering vehicle. so it's a past and present.

    Present Bikes

    Silver 5-Spot XL with all the goodies
    Lemond Maillot Jaune
    '54 Schwinn Panther in the middle of a restoration

    I haven't gone through a lot of bikes, but each one was a huge part of my life and developed my character in certain ways. Every day I pray that my son will find the same love for the freedom that I've found from pedaling out into the woods, or suffering up a long climb or screaming down a swoopy singletrack. Is that too much to ask of a 1 year old?

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    The Graveyard R.I.P.
    1990 Schwinn nameless MTB - Folded the steel fork jumping off a 4 foot to flat concrete drop...
    1992ish GT Florescent Yellow to Orange fade black crackle paint job - Bad wreck in Chicago ruined the bike's karma...
    A few dumpster bikes for various uses

    The Living
    1986 Bridgestone MB3 Grocery Getter - Dumpster Sepcial
    1992 Trek 830 outfitted for baby carrying duties
    1997 Schwinn Homegrown - Great bike - my upgradeitis on my Turner has benefited the build on this bike too - push the parts down the line...
    198? Univega Gran Sprint Road converted to fixed gear
    2003 Bianchi Vigorelli Road Bike
    2004 Turner Burner

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    dead or alive

    The Living

    Turner 5 Spot 2004
    Specialized Stumpjumper 2004

    The Dead

    Specialized S-works E5 roadbike 2003
    Duratec Career C8 2001
    Specialized Rockhopper FS 1998
    Altra Hustler 1991

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    2004 Turner Burner
    2001(?) Dekerf Team Softail (bought used)
    1992/3ish Klein Attitude (RETRO, bought used)
    2000 Yeti DH 8 (bought used)
    1998 Chuck CR-FS
    1958 AMF Luxury Liner (found in attic by uncle )
    A 1970's Raleigh ladies 3 speed as a beater I found in the trash.

    Plus my wife has a KHS FS that was left for years at a shop I used to work at, which I suped up for her, including mounting a rear rack that pivots with the suspension, which also holds a quick release basket.

    Most likely will not be getting anything new bike-wise unless I fall into a pile of cash.
    Thus far, the Chuck is the bike I've owned and ridden the longest. I got this in 98, and my decision was between this and a Turner. Now I've got a Turner and I give equal ride time to the Burner, Dekerf, and Klein, while the others get broken out once in a blue moon.


    A lot of these bikes were owned at the same time. I worked at a shop till 2002, and though 2000 seemed like a really good year, it went like this: Bought the Indy Fab, had it a month when a customer saw it in the shop and wouldn't take no for answer and bought it for way more than I paid. Got the Merlin Cross to replace it and still had cash left over, so got the Echo as well. Didn't care for the Merlin cross all that much (way too short of a top tube for my taste) even though I really enjoy riding a cross bike and sold that for a profit. Didn't ride the Echo (was really into DH at the time so sold that, plus I had the Chuck and rode that more as for XC).
    Liked the Spec Dh, was like the poor man's Intense M1, but that frame broke and while being warrantied bought the Ellsworth as replacement and sold Spec when I got it back.
    Of all these bikes, I only miss the Manitou FS and having a cross bike.
    One of the benefits of working in a shop was being able to sell your present bike for more than you paid, to finance a new bike and some fresh parts.

    2001 Ellsworth Dare
    2000 Merlin Echo
    2000 Merlin Cross
    2000 Independent Fab Planet Cross
    2000 Specialized DH
    1997 Yeti DH 6
    1996(?) Iron Horse/Foes Toby Henderson
    1995 Voodoo Canzo/Tom Teasdale built cro-mo FS
    1994 Manitou FS
    1991(or 92?) Schwinn Paramount Series 70
    1988(?) Schwinn Sierra
    1986 Mongoose Alta
    Schwinn Predator
    My Artwork

    Hard words break no bones, fine words butter no parsnips.

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    Believe in Miracles

    The Living

    2004 Turner 5 Spot

    The Dead (But fondly remembered)

    2002 Rocky Mountain Blizzard - a bloody good bike

    c.a. 1996 KHS Alite 1500

    The Resurrected 1998 Kona Kiluaea

    The Kiluaea was stolen in Korea about 3 and a half years ago, seemingly never to be seen again. Then, about 6 months ago I saw an old man riding it up the street and, after some polite negotiation and the presentation of some pretty solid evidence (including the picture that had been in my wallet for three years), I managed to get it back. Not bad in a city of 11 million people.

    The Kona is cool. Completely rigid and good to alternate with riding the plush 5 Spot. I ride stuff on the Kona that I never imagined I would get up or down, simply because the Spot's given me so much more confidence.
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    92 Raleigh M??? Black and Red, Technium frame (aluminum main tubes and steel rear triangle)
    93 Canondale F700

    94 Steel Stumpjumper (rigid)
    96 Habanero (titanium hardtail)
    05 Five Spot

    This is the only pic I have of all three bikes.
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    Now : Anodized 04 Spot
    Surly Karate Monkey SS R

    Then: Ventana Salty
    Spec FSR Enduro
    GT LTS 2
    Giant hardtail 860?
    Road bike (cheapy)

    Future: 29er Turner, C'mon Dave, Ventana's doing it!!!!
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    blah blah blah

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    circa 1977 Schwinn Sting Ray I'm not sure anything's been better. Root beer brown with gold highlights. Banana saddle. Top tube mounted shifter with 3 GEARS !!!! Way ahead of it's time
    1990 Diamond Back Ascent steel rigid. This had the best shifters Shimano ever made: top mount thumb shifter. Foolishly relaced those with first generation Deore triggers shifters which forever ruined this 35# rigid beauty

    1993Bianchi Grizzly. This one had first generation XTR and a front shock!!! Well, if that's what you really want to call the Rock Shox Mag 20 with 63mm travel

    Didn't do much riding from 95-99 due to academic torture. Reemerged to buy...
    2000 Litespeed Unicoi Wow...full suspension. OK, it was a soft tail but felt like suspension nirvana. Who says Ti doesn't break? I snapped this into two pieces when the headtube sheared off from the top & down tubes. Was sent a new one & bought my Titus

    2002 Hammerhead 100-x Still running strong
    2005 Turner 6-Pack : my new love

    Neglected but not forgotten...
    No 2003 No-name Jenson aluminum hardtail which I built with spare parts including a sweet Marz Z2 & XTR components. I heard through the grapevine that it's a leftover SantaCruz which was bought out in bulk & painted over. Doesn't get ridden much.
    “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

    ― Albert Einstein

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    You guys have gone through a lot of bikes. Heres mine:

    my brand new, as yet unridden, Superho Burner (first ride tonight)

    2002 Giant NRS 2 - frame sold last night on ebay

    1994 Fat Chance Yo Eddie - still have this one, it's a single speed now

    1992 or 1991 (?) Giant Sedona, it was black, sold it for $150 when I bought the Yo. no picture of that.
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    The Dead: There might have been 1or 2 I missed but these are the ones I remember.

    1988 Schwinn High Sierra (POS)
    1988 Cannondale M500
    1989? Cannondale M700 The beast of the East
    1990 Giant ATX770
    1990 GiantATX 780
    1991? Giant CFM1
    1992 GT Corrado (my 1st bike with a front shock and one of my favorite bikes)
    1997? K2 Razorback (Turner Stinger copy, had the linkage fork with battery powered circuitry)
    1999 GT STS1000 DS
    2001 SantaCruz Bullit
    2002 Azonic Evolution HT
    2002 Ellsworth Joker
    2004 Ellsworth Moment

    The living:

    Nothing but a pile of parts right now waiting for it's 6 Pack home.
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    Nothing to see here.

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    The dead:
    1987 Jamis Dakar
    1996 schwinn S10, my first full suspension
    1997 specialized FSR later upgraded with the mountainspeed six inch travel kit
    1999? schwinn straight 8 [dh]
    2000 Ellsworth Joker
    2000 Marin team dh
    2001 Ellsworth Dare
    2004 Yeti ASX

    The living: 2002 Turner RFX

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Quote Originally Posted by SSINGA
    The Dead: There might have been 1or 2 I missed but these are the ones I remember.

    2004 Ellsworth Moment
    WOW! That didn't take long....I sense a homocide!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lidarman
    WOW! That didn't take long....I sense a homocide!
    The timing was right to make a change, and I'm no stranger to change as you can tell from my list of dead bikes. I really liked the Moment, so the Pack has some big shoes to fill.
    Nothing to see here.

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    The "dead":
    Proflex 857
    K2 4000

    The "living":
    Airborne Lucky Strike (commuter bike)
    Turner Burner (gay red )

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    Past bikes: I have no idea if they are living or dead anymore.
    1986 Bridgestone MB2
    1988 Bridgestone MB5
    1990 Diamond Back Apex
    1987 Redline RL-20 bmxer
    1991 Bridgestone MB2 (owned this one, and sold it, then bought it back a few years later, then I sold it again)
    1993 Giant ATX 770
    1994 GT Pro Series 24' bmx cruiser
    1994 KHS Prolite (or something like that)
    1995 Panasonic Ti Roadbike
    1996 Cannondale M800
    1996 Giant Allegra roadie
    1997 Classic 1960's Old School tandem (still own)
    1997 Mark Zeh Custom Steel Hardtail (still own)
    1998 Marin Wildcat Trail full suspension bike
    1999 Cannondale R1000 road bike (still own)
    2000 Cannondale XR800 cyclocross (still own)
    2001 Giant AC Air lite
    2004 Turner 5 Spot (still own)

    I think that pretty much sums up most of it, other than countless townies, and cheap bikes that have passed through my hands. I still feel like I'm forgeting a few, but those are the ones that are coming to mind as of right now. Oh, and I should say that between 1988 and 1999 I worked for a number of different bike shops.

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    Dead: 1988 Ventana Marble Peak Hardtail (Someday it may be converted to a single speed)

    Living: 2003 Turner 5 Spot

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