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    What's in the graveyard?

    All right then, list what you had before your current Turner. I'm curious to see what bikes everyone's been through. Include pics!!!

    The Graveyard R.I.P.
    A number of Walmart type mtb's before I caught the bug - destroyed them all
    1998 GT Rebound w/ rockshox jett - rode untill I had enough $ for my first build
    2001 Santa Cruz Superlight w/ Z1-Xfly
    2001 Santa Cruz Chameleon w/ Z1 MCR
    2003 Santa Cruz Bullit w/ Monster T
    I went through this weird santa cruz thing
    2003 Mountain Cycle Rumble w/ Z1

    The Living
    2003 Evil Imperial w/ Z150
    2001 RFX w/ 5" rockers, triple chain ring, (my 5 spot)
    2002 RFX w/6" rockers, SRS, 66RC

    What's in your graveyard?

    Here's the living
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    ... and if we just ... Rip

    Rest in peices:
    1) Blur; overated imho.
    2) Bullit; Too many susp quirks.
    3) Uzzi DH; Rode nice but flexible and interupted seat tube limits options, also broke the Chainstay.
    4) Cannondale Jeckyle 3000; good bike but still a single pivot.
    5) 99EW Truth; A 4" bike that felt like a softail?
    also Fisher joshua; Bent ,Mcmahon Buff; Broke 3X ,GT Idrive , Foes weasle Broke but Foes Gave A crash replacement deal for the Fly and??? 5 hardtails.

    yes I have had a bike problem for 11/12 years and I'm still suffering from it.

    The living
    1) Med 5 Spot; Best I've owned but not the lightest at 30#
    2) Foes fly; Great but too much bike for my style. Frame only weighs 11# for a small but it's an 8" frame that I've climed 5,000 ft mountains on!!!
    3) Cannondale 1FG; just built it cheap to try it. weighs only 22.5# with2.3 tires and tubes; needs gears.... and suspension,,, jury's out on ss for me.

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    The Graveyard R.I.P.
    Late 80's Specialized Rockhopper - Rigid
    1991 Canondale m500 - Rigid
    1994 GT Avalanche - Rigid
    2003 Stumpjumper Comp XC
    2004 5-Spot w/ Maveric DUC

    Hopefully all are in good homes being ridden.

    The Living
    2004 Specialized Roubaix (road bike)
    2004 Kona Unit Rigid SS (haven't forgotton my roots)
    2005 Flux w/ Terralogic 100x
    2005 in progress
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    Wow, this is good exercise for one's memory!!!

    1989 Specialized Hard Rock
    1990 Trek 1000 (Road)
    1991 Gary Fisher AL1
    1993 Trek 2300 (Road)
    1995 GT Zaskar
    1996 Pro-Flex 956
    1999 Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo (used for commuting)

    2000 Giant OCR 1 (Road)
    2005 Turner Flux

    If my calculations are right I have probably spent in the neigborhood of $12,000 in bikes during the last 16 years (not counting gear and upgrades). Although from what I read here some people go through that in one year!!!

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    Awesome thread idea!

    Also, i can't help but notice that most happy RFX owners also own a FR/DJ hardtail.....

    The living:
    Turner RFX w/Z150
    Dekerf Implant w/ Z1
    Davidson custom steel road bike w/ campy chorus

    I love the current stable and don't see many changes coming.......

    The dead:
    Titus switchblade (sold)
    3 santa cruz superlights(broke, broke, broke)
    Dekerf team SL (broke)
    Davidson 853 hardtail (lasted 4 years!)
    Gary Fisher prometheus Ti HT (sold)
    Cannondale super-V (broke)
    a whole bunch of marzocchi forks (sold)
    a couple of road bikes:
    fondriest mega-chrome (24lbs! sold)
    davidson stilleto (too small)
    steel bianchi (why does this thing always pull to the left?)
    specialized 'cross (sold)

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    My first mtb was a 2003 gary fisher marlin. Nice little bike.
    My second mtb was a 2003 giant NRS 2. it sucked.
    My third mtb was a 2004 c'dale gemini 900. Big fat heavy.
    My fourth mtb was a2004 brodie hellion DJ bike. "the shin mangler"
    My fifth mtb is a Turner 5 spot.
    My sixth mtb is a surly 1x1.

    I got rid of them all and kept the surly and turner. I still have the brodie and marlin frames.
    Quite possibly the slowest single speeder on earth.
    Now skating 'cause its cheaper.

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    Past bikes:
    1989 Specialized Hardrock
    1992 Gary Fisher Supercaliber (day-glo yellow, remember those days?). Came with a rigid fork and thumbshifters. I eventually added a Manitou 2.
    1994 Specialized S-Works M2 hardtail
    1996/97 Mantis Screaming V
    Current bike:
    2004 Turner 5spot
    soon to be joined by:
    2005 Turner 6pack

    I've only got a picture of the Mantis.
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    The Dead:
    1988 Haro Escape (Loaned to drug addict relative-see ya!)
    1990 Trek 7000 (Sold)
    1993 Performance Ti Hardtail (Broke)
    1999 Trek 5200 USPS Team Replica (Sold)
    1999 Turner Stinger (Sold)

    Life Support (Full bike intact, but looking for a new home)
    1994 Amp B3 w/Stratos Helix Expert

    The Living
    1998 VooDoo Wazoo Cyclocross
    2000 Supergo Access Al Hardtail
    2000 Turner RFX w/5" rockers
    2005 Turner Flux
    2005 Turner 5 Spot
    2005 Ridley Excalibur
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    When I read this thread, I see bikaholism problems.

    Since my first Mountain bike (in 1986), I have only owned these bikes

    The Dead :

    Bridgestone MB-3
    Yakota (WTF is was...P.O.S)

    Killed in an accident (bad genes at birth):

    Ellsworth Truth

    The Living:

    Raleigh technium a single speed
    Schwinn homegrown factory hardtail, a great bike
    Ellsworth Id (I can hear the jeers, I used the genes of the truth to clone it)

    The Preggo:
    ..and soon a Turner Burner (Frame will be here soon but final build delivery date unknown)...the ultrasound said a red large baby.
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    Past Bikes

    The "OG" MTB: a huffy bmx frame salvaged from the junkyard and built up by my dad complete with a slick on the back. I was building trails in the field and woods behind our house at 10.

    Replaced with a Schwinn leTour salvaged and built up by my dad (see a theme?) It saw all the same trails and went through a lot of wheels.

    Raleigh Team USA complete with red, white and blue Olympic paint scheme (my first new bike) Lasted until riding home from wrenching at the bike shop in college. Crashed HARD and carried it back to the shop where I sold my soul to the company store for my first mounain bike...

    Bianchi Peregrine with deore dx (rigid) Added a Manitou 2 after my first Chubb ride (Pokev, you understand) Broke the frame and it was replaced by another Bianchi Osprey.
    I gave it to my little bro as a graduation present. He abandoned it in a garage in Auburn AL. Some one got lucky...

    Cherry Bicycles Cherry Bomb in MOPAR orange of course (once I graduated and had enough money to buy the bikes I'd been building for 4 years) with a Maitou EFC, then a Palmer "stroker" aka the "broker" then an SX Ti. Soon to be converted to the Baden trailering vehicle. so it's a past and present.

    Present Bikes

    Silver 5-Spot XL with all the goodies
    Lemond Maillot Jaune
    '54 Schwinn Panther in the middle of a restoration

    I haven't gone through a lot of bikes, but each one was a huge part of my life and developed my character in certain ways. Every day I pray that my son will find the same love for the freedom that I've found from pedaling out into the woods, or suffering up a long climb or screaming down a swoopy singletrack. Is that too much to ask of a 1 year old?

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    The Graveyard R.I.P.
    1990 Schwinn nameless MTB - Folded the steel fork jumping off a 4 foot to flat concrete drop...
    1992ish GT Florescent Yellow to Orange fade black crackle paint job - Bad wreck in Chicago ruined the bike's karma...
    A few dumpster bikes for various uses

    The Living
    1986 Bridgestone MB3 Grocery Getter - Dumpster Sepcial
    1992 Trek 830 outfitted for baby carrying duties
    1997 Schwinn Homegrown - Great bike - my upgradeitis on my Turner has benefited the build on this bike too - push the parts down the line...
    198? Univega Gran Sprint Road converted to fixed gear
    2003 Bianchi Vigorelli Road Bike
    2004 Turner Burner

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    dead or alive

    The Living

    Turner 5 Spot 2004
    Specialized Stumpjumper 2004

    The Dead

    Specialized S-works E5 roadbike 2003
    Duratec Career C8 2001
    Specialized Rockhopper FS 1998
    Altra Hustler 1991

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    2004 Turner Burner
    2001(?) Dekerf Team Softail (bought used)
    1992/3ish Klein Attitude (RETRO, bought used)
    2000 Yeti DH 8 (bought used)
    1998 Chuck CR-FS
    1958 AMF Luxury Liner (found in attic by uncle )
    A 1970's Raleigh ladies 3 speed as a beater I found in the trash.

    Plus my wife has a KHS FS that was left for years at a shop I used to work at, which I suped up for her, including mounting a rear rack that pivots with the suspension, which also holds a quick release basket.

    Most likely will not be getting anything new bike-wise unless I fall into a pile of cash.
    Thus far, the Chuck is the bike I've owned and ridden the longest. I got this in 98, and my decision was between this and a Turner. Now I've got a Turner and I give equal ride time to the Burner, Dekerf, and Klein, while the others get broken out once in a blue moon.


    A lot of these bikes were owned at the same time. I worked at a shop till 2002, and though 2000 seemed like a really good year, it went like this: Bought the Indy Fab, had it a month when a customer saw it in the shop and wouldn't take no for answer and bought it for way more than I paid. Got the Merlin Cross to replace it and still had cash left over, so got the Echo as well. Didn't care for the Merlin cross all that much (way too short of a top tube for my taste) even though I really enjoy riding a cross bike and sold that for a profit. Didn't ride the Echo (was really into DH at the time so sold that, plus I had the Chuck and rode that more as for XC).
    Liked the Spec Dh, was like the poor man's Intense M1, but that frame broke and while being warrantied bought the Ellsworth as replacement and sold Spec when I got it back.
    Of all these bikes, I only miss the Manitou FS and having a cross bike.
    One of the benefits of working in a shop was being able to sell your present bike for more than you paid, to finance a new bike and some fresh parts.

    2001 Ellsworth Dare
    2000 Merlin Echo
    2000 Merlin Cross
    2000 Independent Fab Planet Cross
    2000 Specialized DH
    1997 Yeti DH 6
    1996(?) Iron Horse/Foes Toby Henderson
    1995 Voodoo Canzo/Tom Teasdale built cro-mo FS
    1994 Manitou FS
    1991(or 92?) Schwinn Paramount Series 70
    1988(?) Schwinn Sierra
    1986 Mongoose Alta
    Schwinn Predator
    My Artwork

    Hard words break no bones, fine words butter no parsnips.

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    Believe in Miracles

    The Living

    2004 Turner 5 Spot

    The Dead (But fondly remembered)

    2002 Rocky Mountain Blizzard - a bloody good bike

    c.a. 1996 KHS Alite 1500

    The Resurrected 1998 Kona Kiluaea

    The Kiluaea was stolen in Korea about 3 and a half years ago, seemingly never to be seen again. Then, about 6 months ago I saw an old man riding it up the street and, after some polite negotiation and the presentation of some pretty solid evidence (including the picture that had been in my wallet for three years), I managed to get it back. Not bad in a city of 11 million people.

    The Kona is cool. Completely rigid and good to alternate with riding the plush 5 Spot. I ride stuff on the Kona that I never imagined I would get up or down, simply because the Spot's given me so much more confidence.
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    92 Raleigh M??? Black and Red, Technium frame (aluminum main tubes and steel rear triangle)
    93 Canondale F700

    94 Steel Stumpjumper (rigid)
    96 Habanero (titanium hardtail)
    05 Five Spot

    This is the only pic I have of all three bikes.
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    Now : Anodized 04 Spot
    Surly Karate Monkey SS R

    Then: Ventana Salty
    Spec FSR Enduro
    GT LTS 2
    Giant hardtail 860?
    Road bike (cheapy)

    Future: 29er Turner, C'mon Dave, Ventana's doing it!!!!
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    blah blah blah

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    circa 1977 Schwinn Sting Ray I'm not sure anything's been better. Root beer brown with gold highlights. Banana saddle. Top tube mounted shifter with 3 GEARS !!!! Way ahead of it's time
    1990 Diamond Back Ascent steel rigid. This had the best shifters Shimano ever made: top mount thumb shifter. Foolishly relaced those with first generation Deore triggers shifters which forever ruined this 35# rigid beauty

    1993Bianchi Grizzly. This one had first generation XTR and a front shock!!! Well, if that's what you really want to call the Rock Shox Mag 20 with 63mm travel

    Didn't do much riding from 95-99 due to academic torture. Reemerged to buy...
    2000 Litespeed Unicoi Wow...full suspension. OK, it was a soft tail but felt like suspension nirvana. Who says Ti doesn't break? I snapped this into two pieces when the headtube sheared off from the top & down tubes. Was sent a new one & bought my Titus

    2002 Hammerhead 100-x Still running strong
    2005 Turner 6-Pack : my new love

    Neglected but not forgotten...
    No 2003 No-name Jenson aluminum hardtail which I built with spare parts including a sweet Marz Z2 & XTR components. I heard through the grapevine that it's a leftover SantaCruz which was bought out in bulk & painted over. Doesn't get ridden much.

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    You guys have gone through a lot of bikes. Heres mine:

    my brand new, as yet unridden, Superho Burner (first ride tonight)

    2002 Giant NRS 2 - frame sold last night on ebay

    1994 Fat Chance Yo Eddie - still have this one, it's a single speed now

    1992 or 1991 (?) Giant Sedona, it was black, sold it for $150 when I bought the Yo. no picture of that.
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    The Dead: There might have been 1or 2 I missed but these are the ones I remember.

    1988 Schwinn High Sierra (POS)
    1988 Cannondale M500
    1989? Cannondale M700 The beast of the East
    1990 Giant ATX770
    1990 GiantATX 780
    1991? Giant CFM1
    1992 GT Corrado (my 1st bike with a front shock and one of my favorite bikes)
    1997? K2 Razorback (Turner Stinger copy, had the linkage fork with battery powered circuitry)
    1999 GT STS1000 DS
    2001 SantaCruz Bullit
    2002 Azonic Evolution HT
    2002 Ellsworth Joker
    2004 Ellsworth Moment

    The living:

    Nothing but a pile of parts right now waiting for it's 6 Pack home.
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    Nothing to see here.

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    The dead:
    1987 Jamis Dakar
    1996 schwinn S10, my first full suspension
    1997 specialized FSR later upgraded with the mountainspeed six inch travel kit
    1999? schwinn straight 8 [dh]
    2000 Ellsworth Joker
    2000 Marin team dh
    2001 Ellsworth Dare
    2004 Yeti ASX

    The living: 2002 Turner RFX

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSINGA
    The Dead: There might have been 1or 2 I missed but these are the ones I remember.

    2004 Ellsworth Moment
    WOW! That didn't take long....I sense a homocide!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lidarman
    WOW! That didn't take long....I sense a homocide!
    The timing was right to make a change, and I'm no stranger to change as you can tell from my list of dead bikes. I really liked the Moment, so the Pack has some big shoes to fill.
    Nothing to see here.

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    The "dead":
    Proflex 857
    K2 4000

    The "living":
    Airborne Lucky Strike (commuter bike)
    Turner Burner (gay red )

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    Past bikes: I have no idea if they are living or dead anymore.
    1986 Bridgestone MB2
    1988 Bridgestone MB5
    1990 Diamond Back Apex
    1987 Redline RL-20 bmxer
    1991 Bridgestone MB2 (owned this one, and sold it, then bought it back a few years later, then I sold it again)
    1993 Giant ATX 770
    1994 GT Pro Series 24' bmx cruiser
    1994 KHS Prolite (or something like that)
    1995 Panasonic Ti Roadbike
    1996 Cannondale M800
    1996 Giant Allegra roadie
    1997 Classic 1960's Old School tandem (still own)
    1997 Mark Zeh Custom Steel Hardtail (still own)
    1998 Marin Wildcat Trail full suspension bike
    1999 Cannondale R1000 road bike (still own)
    2000 Cannondale XR800 cyclocross (still own)
    2001 Giant AC Air lite
    2004 Turner 5 Spot (still own)

    I think that pretty much sums up most of it, other than countless townies, and cheap bikes that have passed through my hands. I still feel like I'm forgeting a few, but those are the ones that are coming to mind as of right now. Oh, and I should say that between 1988 and 1999 I worked for a number of different bike shops.

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    Dead: 1988 Ventana Marble Peak Hardtail (Someday it may be converted to a single speed)

    Living: 2003 Turner 5 Spot

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    Good job!

    The Dead:

    The 80's

    GT BMX
    Hutch Aluminum BMX (sweet)
    SRP Titanium (BMX still have this one hanging)
    88' Mongoose IBOC

    The 90's

    90' Trek 7000(rainbow paint fade)
    93' Fuji (Road Bike)
    96' Trek 990 (steel hardtail---stolen from a friend)
    98' Gary Fisher Supercaliber (genesis geometry wtf?)
    99' Santa Cruz Superlight (never broke?)
    04' Santa Cruz Heckler ( better than the superlight)

    The Living

    2001 RFX
    2002 RFX
    2004 5 Spot

    The Turners are hands down the best.
    The 990 and the Supercaliber saw the best trails.

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    cool thread

    1990 Kona Cindercone - rode that poor thing into the ground
    1993 Kona Hot - my first completely custom bike
    1995 RMB Vertex TO - totally custom build, still miss those White industy hubs

    Still in service:
    1997 FSR comp. I think the only original parts left on this bike are the frame and rear derailleur. Everything else was replaced over the years, including the MRP long travel rear link.
    ~1992 Cannondale M-900 - still a great commuter bike. Trickle down effect has left this bike with near full XTR, and weighs in around 18lbs

    2005 Turner 6-pack -brings a smile to my face every time I look at it, and a bigger smile everytime I get on and ride it!

    "Lightweight , durable , inexpensive
    Pick 2."

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    As far as FS bikes go...

    I really resisted suspension, both frontal and rear, after much deliberation (i.e. waiting for good deal) I finally decided the Heckler was the way to go in '98. The SO resisted riding shorts, spd's, bar ends, front shocks, etc. but embraced them all after I forced them on her. She went FS in '00, and decided FSR was the thing to try (plus she scored a screaming deal on a sworks model). We replaced the busings with bearings and got the betd link for it but could never get it dialled in fit and handling wise. Good learning experience though.

    I started lusting for an RFX and in '01 decided I'd try a giant AC since the complete bike cost the same as a turner frame.

    When I heard they were done making RFX's in '02, and my credit limit increased, I knew it was time to get one.

    A couple rides on the RFX and the SO new she had to have a Turner as well so she signed up for a Burner a few months before they finally actually appeared and got to endure the waiting torture. Not only was this the only time she has ever paid full retail for a bike, but she was also one of the unlucky few who actually paid full retail period. Tough pill to swallow, but she's scored enough great deals to last a lifetime and cushion the blow.

    I'll spare you the details of all the other bikes in our collection, both past and present as it is one long list. But we do have a deKerf, and a couple Ibis's, plus two cats, two rabbits, about ten surfboards....

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    A breif history

    Well, this thread brings back lots of fond memories. My most vivid is that of when I was 4 or 5. It was during summer camp by the Baltic sea, back in communist Poland, my dad came for a visit and brought a little red bicycle with training wheels. I remember being a snot and demanding he take them off. It was my first unsupported ride on a bicycle, ever since then I embraced that freedom. I have no idea what the bike was, other than it was most likely produced by the government owned Romet, a very inferior quality bike. It weighted at least as much as me. Next followed an orange banana seater. I remember covering the bike with soccer stickers from various international tournaments. Next came a BMX, when I was 7 or so which I rode up until we moved to the USA when I was 13. When I was 8, I went through the holy communion, like a good catholic boy that I was, and got a road bike, but it sucked and I never rode it. Our first stop in the states was NYC, where my dad lived for a long time. One day he showed up with a Free Spirit and I rode that briefly, until someone claimed it as their own, when I left it unlocked. Then followed 5 years in Mississippi, where there was no use for a bike. The worst thing about that state is that if you're not driving a car, people assume that you're drug addict and can't afford a car. That was frustrating, I remeber, but in preparation for College I bought my first real mountain bike, a Haro Escape. It was full XT with Rock Shox Indy SL fork. In retrospect, it wasn't that great, however, back then, it was awesome. I ended up going to College in Mississippi, so the bike spent its first year outside in the weather, locked up to a rack. Following summer I took it back to my folks' home, where it sat until my Senior year. It so happened that the summer before I went back to Poland for a couple of months and ended up vising one of my friends. He was on his way to the mountains for a week to go riding and so I tagged along, even though I haven't ridden a bike in 8 years. I rented some POS and rode along. I was nowhere near as good a shape as them, but I managed and when I came back, I went to work resurecting my beloved Haro. I managed to find some trails around the town of Oxford, MS and my riding begun. Soon after I graduated, I moved to Colorado and started riding that same bike. That's when the forsaken UGI onset. It started innocently with a fork upgrade, then came all other part. I then wanted to go disc, which my old frame was not made for, not to mention that it was too small. I also wanted full suspension, but I couldn't afford that and a new wheelset, so I bought another Haro frame, 2002 Escape 8.3, the last year before escape became the DJ/Urban bike. It was a really good hardtail, very rigid, very well balanced, etc. But the bug was there for the full suspension, so when Supergo first put the Burners on Sale, I pulled the trigger and a bit over a grand later I had my dream frame. I upgraded the hell out of it, but my dreams got bigger. So I got the 5 Spot. I also missed the feel of a hardtail a bit and under a excuse of wanting to race, I bought a Litespeed Pisgah. I also went through severl town bikes, finally settling on an old Trek touring bike, from 1985 which I found at Salvation Army and built into a single speed town bike. I also resurected that younger Haro into a single speed/town bike/urban assault bike before giving it to a friend who was in need of a replacement for a stolen bike. My first Haro is now my girlfriend's bike, after I replaced the aged parts with some recent spares. So whatever was left behind the Iron Curtain, rests in peace somewhere, or in pieces, while the more newly acquired bikes have been well cared for. Below are my current steeds.


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    A brief history.........yeah right

    Great write up, and memory. For some reason it reminds me of the Austin Powers movie where DR. Evil is telling the therapy group about his childhood.

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    btw, I LOVE how that Evil Imperial looks, just looking at it makes the UGI come around with a vengence. Got a few extra pics? I would love to see the whole shabang.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MK_
    btw, I LOVE how that Evil Imperial looks, just looking at it makes the UGI come around with a vengence. Got a few extra pics? I would love to see the whole shabang.

    Thanks! This is the most current pic of it. When I have a few extra bucks, I want to set it up SS and put a DJ 1 up front.
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    That is sweet!


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    Oh, my memory circuits are busting!

    1983 - Schwinn Collegiate 5 Speed -stem shifter - rigged for fire roads - retired
    Browning road bike - stolen
    1985 - Diamondback Apex fully rigid 18 speed - stolen
    1986 - Trek 6800 road bike - sold
    1987 - Fuji Mt. Fuji Limited - sold
    1993 - Trek 6100 hardtail with Trek fork - crashed into garage
    1998 - Balance AL 750 hardtail with Zoke Atom Bomb 80mm -sold

    2000 - Litespeed Ultimate - Campy Record
    2002 - Jamis Dakar XC Pro - first FS
    2004 - Turner O2
    2005 - Turner Burner

    6 Pack????
    5 Spot???
    When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race. ~H.G. Wells

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    My cup runneth over
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    Oct 2004
    The DEAD
    1977 Puch 5-speed
    198? Something
    1999 Titus Quasimoto (sold)

    The LIVING

    1989 Brdgestone MB4 (can't get anyone to buy it!)
    1994 (I think) GT Zaskar

    The LOVED
    2004 Turner Burner

    The FUTURE
    2004 Turner Burner back up frame

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    Jan 2004

    7 is my lucky #


    93 spec rockhopper (stolen)
    01 gt i-drive 3.0 (sold to friend)--i was in awe of my first full suspension bike
    02 schwinn moab (sold)


    96 trek 850 mtn track xc (may be single speed soon)
    04 superho scat r550 road bike (light and hauls ass-i can't even think about getting more into road biking. bought on a whim after lance won 6th straight tour)
    04 5-spot (best bike ever)
    04 burner (jury still out, but very good bike)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike67
    All right then, list what you had before your current Turner. I'm curious to see what bikes everyone's been through.

    • c: 1966 AMF Roadmaster Jr. w/solid rubber tires (bike I learned to ride on... yes I remember it)
    • c: 1970 Royal Scot - English 3-speed w/24" wheels (and a curved dropping top tube for standover!)
    • c. 1976 Raleigh Supercourse in copper metalflake w/Reynolds frame, randonneur bars, Campy quill pedals, and now-legendary Suntour Cyclone RD. Be still, my heart. I cannot believe that I let that bike go!

    • c. 1974 Raleigh Sprite five speed w/original parts (except the execrable Huret changer, swapped in the mid-seventies for a Suntour V-GT), including full painted fenders with pinstriping.

    [insert 20 years of no bike riding here]

    • 2002 Marin Nail Trail hardtail, mostly stock but with XT/517 wheels and Avid discs.
    • 2004 Turner Burner

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    Bike Hoor
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    Dec 2003
    1996 Mongoose Alta
    1998 Trek Y5
    2001 Trek Fuel 80
    2003 Ventana Pantera
    2003 Santa Cruz Hecker
    2004 Yeti ASX

    2004 Banshee Morphine
    2005 Intense Uzzi
    Pedalling the goods since 2002.

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    la madeleine de Prout!

    1989: Lapierre Pelvoux (French MTB) bent and bent and bent again
    1993: Spe Stumpjumper Ht Used to love it
    1997: Cannondale F700 headshock gimmick

    long break for academic purposes and ski training

    2003: Cannondale Jeckyll 1000 with lefty (only liked the looks of it)
    2004: Giant VT1 very fun but also quite unpredictable; fork angle not quite right

    2005: 05 5 spot: marvel. She's here to stay.
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    The dead

    -95 Cannondale M900 (stolen)
    -97 Cannondale M1000 (sold)
    -01 Azonic DS1 (broken)
    -01 Schwinn Straight 6 (broken)

    The Living
    -02 Turner RFX / 6 inch rockers
    -04 On-One Inbred rigid geared trailbike..

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    bike weenie
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    Dec 2004
    '90 Panasonic
    '91 Fisher Montare (remember the curved seatstay and elevated chainstays? - wish I still had it as a museum piece)
    '91 Fisher Prometheus (fully adorned with 3DV)
    '92 or '93 Cannondale Delta V (worst bike ever)
    late 90s Ibis Szazbo
    '03 Rocky Mtn Blizzard (wife made me sell when I bought 1st road bike - had it set up with new vintage syncros parts and race face... wish I had it back)
    '03 Ventana Pantera

    '99 Seven Teres

    Turner Burner - supergo special with swinger just replaced by pushed RP3.

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    Apr 2004

    So many good memories...

    Dead or sold
    91 Cannondale M500 - cracked seat tube
    92 Specialized Stumpjumper Prestige - wish I still had this one; sold
    93 Specialized Allez - intro to the dark side; sold
    93 Supergo Mac-strut - sheared main pivot; rip
    94 AMP B4 - cracked shock yoke; piece of sh!t
    94 Kona Hei Hei - whippy!; sold
    95 Trek Y22 - nice looking, not nice riding; sold
    96 Klein Adroit - beautiful...miss her; sold
    96 Klein Pulse II - the Adroit w/o the crazy head; sold
    96 Trek 2300 - whippy and comfy; sold
    97 Klein Mantra Race - cracked swingarm yoke
    97 Schwinn Homegrown Factory - bass boat blue...mmmm; sold
    98 Klein Mantra Race - warranty replacement......cracked yoke again
    98 Klein Attitude Race - the perfect Klein ht.....never should gotten rid of her; sold
    98 Klein Quantum Race - beautiful paint....weirdest road geometry; sold
    98 Cannondale CAAD2 - warranty replacement; sold
    00 Ellsworth Truth - awesome, but fragile pivots; sold
    02 Titus Loco Moto - cracked top tube
    04 Klein Palomino - overdamped/overrated; sold
    04 Retrotec Half - great riding, not so great longevity....cracked headtube and stay

    Today's stable:
    98 Manitou FS - pos, but a piece of history
    98 Merlin Echo - so smooth.
    01 Santa Cruz Bullit - indestructible!
    02 Pinarello Opera 10sp carbon Record - classic never to grow old
    Earn the descent.

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    Dec 2003
    '87 Giant Iguana - first "real" MTB
    '95 Stumpjumper M2 - rode it for about 10 years
    '?? Redline BMX bike

    '06 RFX - I have seen the light!

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    Shovel Ready
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    Nov 2004

    Cool-blue Rhythm

    The Graveyard R.I.P.
    1986 Diamond Arrival
    2005 TREK 8500 (not dead co-worker rides it now)

    2005 Intense 5.5 (Components moved over to RFX)

    The Living (Man is it living )

    2006 Turner RFX with 5" rockers.

    Currently at Mayo Clinic being tested for a kidney transplant. Donors welcome.

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    Bon Vie
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    Won't even attempt the years .

    May they RIP:
    Fisher - HooKooEKoo (rigid)
    Marin- Pine Mountain (hardtail)
    Litespeed - Obed (hardtail)
    K2 - 4000FS (full sus)
    Santa Cruz - Heckler (full sus)

    Turner - 5 Spot
    Giant - TCR1 (road)

    Let go, and let it flow!!!!

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    Feb 2005

    '84 - Mongoose Californian (BMX); first real bike, bought while living in UK.
    '85 - SE Racing Quadangle (BMX); what a trick bike that was for its day.
    '86 - GT Pro Series XL (BMX); first day I owned it, I snuck it into bedroom while parents weren't looking 'cause I couldn't bear to have it out of my sight...
    '89 - SE Racing Floval Flyer; bought second hand, broke after three rides. Doh...
    '91 - Scott Montana hardtail; first mountain bike, much loved and fondly remembered. Sold it to buy a car - now THAT was stupid. Bought it back as a commuter before it got pinched.
    '94 - Apollo (something) - Taiwan alloy hardtail frame with full XTR group and horrible SR forks, from Aussie bike company Apollo. Had no idea about bike maintainence - would regularly run on only two or three gears. Still use the rear derailleur to this day, and the hubs are on my wife's bike.
    '95 - AMP B4; bleghhh...
    '95 - GT Zasker LE; yummy.
    '95 - Kona Hei Hei; second-hand off a Candian backpacker, stolen a month later. Still pissed off about that to this day...
    '96 - Foes Weasel; way ahead of its time.
    '96 - Barracuda A2X (?); hardtail, weird geometry
    '97 - Catamount UST; the less said about this ill-advised purchase, the better...
    '98 - Santa Cruz Heckler; never got on with it.
    '99 - Schwinn Four Banger; got as a bitser from an importer, custom RS shock etc. Great bike.
    '02 - Turner XCE; just sold it to a friend who lives in the NSW Blue Mountains, the XCE's natural habitat. Will miss it.

    There's been other stuff, too; GT Backwoods 14" as a 26" trials bike, a Taiwanese knock-off of a Monty trials bike, Spot singlespeed, Bear Bikes custom made steel DH rig, KeeWee DH rig (also cromo).

    In the shed

    '03 - Spot 24-spd hardtail; Fox Floats, XT/XTR old school, 26lb, matt black. Me rikey.
    '06 - Turner Six-Pack/RFX TNT; Van 36s, Ryno Lites, DHX shock. Fast and tough.

    And as of this afternoon, an '04 SE Racing Floval Flyer...
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    Eat my shorts, build a bridge and get over it - Devil

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    may i say what a cool thread this is? thanx for the cool idea mike. heres what i came up with date wise and in order of apperance the best i can recall.

    the dead. all i can remember anyway:

    1962 fire truck pedal bike - borrowed and murdured in a glen by my older brother.
    1964 tricycle of unknow origine or demise.
    1965 schwinn 12" with solid tires - too lazy to research the model. i think i rode this into submission. maybe i just outgrew it.
    1966 schwinn stingray - blue and beautiful. won bike races against future indy 500 drivers and thought i was evil kinevil later on. i think i sold it to help pay for my next bike.
    1971 free spirit 10 speed - saw it and begged, begged my dad to buy it for me. its nuthin special but i loved it and i dont know why but i miss it to this day. unknow demise.
    1967 schwinn stingray - bought it used from a friend to go bmx racin with. it went through many upgrades and was my first project bike and my last non custom build. sold the frame to help pay for my next bike.
    1976 dg racer 2 - tossed all the parts off the stingray onto this and then started to go nuts with ugi. even had the krw dg logo helmet to match. stolen and it almost killed me inside.
    1978 redline proline - replacement for the dg and my 1st full custom spec. the shop said it was the nicest bmx bike they ever built. broke the fork and sold the frameset after stu thompson hand delivered a new fork at the nba winter nationals in long beach.
    1980 se ju6 - rebadged at the last min as the first run of pk rippers after jeff utterback left the team. 1 of 10 blue anno round top tube rippers ever built, now worth a small furtune. stolen, parts seen but the bike was never recovered. yeah, i kicked his ass.
    1981 se pk ripper - the 1st bike was too bad ass to not replace with the same thing. broken seat tube. damn fluted s/posts!
    1982 diamond back somethin or other - a pal felt bad for me after the ripper broke and just about gave me this frame so i could ride and race. traded it for a 1980(?) yamaha yz 125, 1st year of the mono shock rear.

    long hiatus for some moto riding.

    198? schwinn cimmaron - mike hill bought this for me at a police auction after i moved back to az for some leg surgury and had nuthin to my name. it was huge and i was small but i liked it alot. never rode it off road and never heard of mountain bikes. what a shame. i gave it to my sister whos now a avid roadie.

    another long hiatus for some car racin.

    1993 specialized stumpjumper - tange steel, full lx and a ridgid fork, quickly replaced with a manitou 3 and alot of xt and blue cnc'ed crap. ovalized the head tube.
    1995 robinson sst - the last of the hand made cromo bikes before gt bought em out. my kid wanted to race so i found this gem. i soon got a bike for me too. im a bad spectator. stolen or sold. i forget now.
    1997 mosh cruiser - one outstanding bmx bike penned by lynn kastan. made me competitive in a ultra competitive az masters class. was constantly bein borrowed for open class and other cruiser classes by the team and our pals. sold soon after my son stopped racin.
    1998 specialized stumpjumper - warranty replacement w/ ritchey tubes. nice! was once a ss. sold it in '02 like a dumb ass.
    1994 khs sumdamthing - inherited it from a pal, built it for the boy and sold for hefty profit when i got the next bike.
    1999 trek 9800 - got it for a song and sold it for a concept album. was supposed to be my kids bike but he blew it and lost the privaledge. real nice bikes if ya never crash em.
    2000 bianchi boss - my 1st real ss. a experiment gone bad. sold it after a test ride crash that busted my hand and tore me up good.
    2001 jamis dragon - full xt bike w/ sx ti purchased from a pal for the girls (candycorns) first mtb. rebuilt with spares and sold for a profit.
    2002 schwinn homegrown factory frame - all the bits off the jamis for a nicer, lighter ride. sold to another pal to stay afloat after a layoff.
    1967 schwinn fastback - my 1st forray into classic schwinns. loved this bike so much but had to sell it when the truck died and all my vacation cash was used up fixin it. guess i loved my girl more.
    1970 schwinn apple krate - rated a 9 ot of 10 and 98% original. purchased as a investment, sold to fund the move to iowa.
    2002 diamondback response - replacement townie for the girls sons killed dyno. he outgrew it so i rebuilt with pristine classic 8 spd canti xt as a winter bike and sold before bein ridden again.

    the living:

    1988 eddy merckx kelme team columbus slx frameset - bought used. been through a few builds, now a dur-ache 9 spd triple. perfectly beautiful bicycle and a great ride.
    1996 turner burner - s# 01. been through tons and tons and tons of upgrades/personalities. now sits as rideable art. theres a infinate amount of reasons i never sold this bike and i keep buyin turners.
    2001 dyno bmx whatever - townie for the girls son. dead and gone
    2001 schwinn frontier - townie for the girls daughter. stolen.
    2001 schwinn frontier - replacement townie for the girls daughter, now belongs to the girl.
    2002 schwinn homegrown factory frame - this ones for me. currently built up w/ 8 spd xt. once weighed a honest sub 22 lbs. easy to do on a 2.5 lb frame. super fast, super comfy. this is aluminum?
    2002 schwinn super sport - a roadie for the girl.
    1958 schwinn american middleweight - fun, comfy grocery getter and townie.
    1967 schwinn stardust - got it for the girl as a match for the old and gone fastback. (sniff) she had one as a little girl so i thought that was cool.
    1953(?) schwinn racer lightweight - has a red band 2 spd kick back hub. i was told about it by a neighbor who saw it at a yard sale here. i got it for $10. needs restoration.
    2004 gt avalanche 1.0 disc - a $600 retail bike w/ bb7's and mostly deore. now has hmx-1's and full deore. used as my winter bike.
    196? schwinn breeze - this $20 3 spd matches my racer and its purple, just as the girl wanted it. a b day gift for candycorn. needs restoration.
    2005 turner flux - full 9 spd xtr blah blah blah. hot damn shes fast!
    2002/2005/2006 turner rfx - dubbed the six pack and a nickle bag (SPaaNB). got some factory custom work to the frame and paint. swaps between 5" mode ans 6" mode. a whole ton of fun!

    in purgatory: maybe more like still born. all freebees.

    2002 schwinn 4 banger w/ z-1. cracked. pegged as a snow bike once repaired.
    2002 diamondback apex - cracked. nice geo. might replace the avalanche frame.
    2002 diamondback apex - cracked. yeah i have 2. would make for a fine mtb for the girl.
    WTFDIM gt outpoust - half built. ive tried givin it away twice but it keeps commin back.
    1996 bmc su2 w/ mag 21 - cracked, repaired, cracked again.
    2004 trek 4400 - rare but cheap. half built.
    2005 trek 4400 - same deal. but cracked. ill use it to build the other one.

    buns in the oven:

    2006 redline monocog 29er - should be here anytime now. i couldnt pass up the deal sbs gave us. if i dont like it ill make it a sweet townie or sell it outright.
    ???? turner $$$$$$$ - youll see. oh yes, youll soon see.
    2006 turner 5 spot - cuz i wanna and i can. actually id like to have the rfx dedicated to big hit and this lighter version for nuttyer trail use.

    gawd damn this took way too long. that oughta tell me somethin.
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    heres more pics of some you may not have seen yet.
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    Daaaamm CC.
    The next time I think of Jay Leno, or Imelda Marcos I'll think of you.
    Faster is better, even when it's not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bikezilla
    Daaaamm CC.
    The next time I think of Jay Leno, or Imelda Marcos I'll think of you.
    yeah but termies collection has far more class than mine. im lookin fwd to his post. as far as all my past bikes, ya gotta remember im old and ive been doin this bike thing since i was 2. ive seen alot of nice collections posted so far, nicer than mine. dont be too impressed pal. ok. maybe a little impressed.
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    Extremely cool thread. Man some of you guys have had a lot of previous partners!

    Dead and gone:
    1990? Gary Fisher Tassajara - 1st MTB. Should never have sold it it.

    The Undead:
    1996 GT Pantera - loved it but now know it had terrible geometry. Still walks the earth as a commuter.
    2003 Jamis XLT 2.0 - the model with the HL (sound familiar?) - loved it and learned to really ride on this bike. The frame is in the garage - served as an organ donor for the build of.....

    The Living:
    2005 5 Spot HL - really really learning to ride on this. I see no other bikes in my immediate future

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    Bikes that went by by...
    1980-88 BMX bikes, Hutch, Redline, Free Agent etc...
    1987 Shogun Road Bike
    92 Trek 4something Singletrack
    94 Gary Fisher Mt. Tam
    96 Santa Cruz Heckler
    98 Spooky Junebug
    99ish Spooky Darkside
    2000 Titus Loco Moto
    2003 Titus Loco Moto
    2004 Ibex Aprisa Road Bike
    2005 Santa Cruz Chameleon
    2003 Yeti ASX

    Current fleet....
    2005 Turner 5-Spot
    2006 Turner RFX
    2006 Cove Handjob
    2005 Trek Fuel EX7WMS (wife's bike- hope to move this to retired and replace with a Flux or Spot soon)
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    WOW - why I am living in apartment :confused:

    I can have only one bike! I do not have space in my appartment for more then one bike


    Trek 4700 (2002). sold to a friend that stil enjoy them.
    Cannondale 600 (2004). very nice bike, but after 2 years it was not enough

    Live and kicking
    5Spot (2005)
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    1976-1990 various BMX bikes: Ross Snapper, Scorpion, Schwinn Sting, PK Ripper, Hutch Trick Star, Red Line MK 3, CW, GT

    1992- Specialized Rock Hopper
    1994 Specialized M2 (I think it was the first generation M2, purple-blue fade)
    1995 Specialized M2 (baby blue)
    1996-1997 McMahon (Boom Shaka, Buff, Muff, Buff DH) good designs but way under built
    1998 Spooky Metal Head (sweet)
    1999 Intense M1(non-horst)
    2001 Intense M1 (what a great bike in 2001)
    2001 Intense Tracer
    2002 Santa Cruz Heckler
    2002 Santa Scuz Bullit
    2002 Santa Cruz Camilion (sp?)
    2002 Yeti ASX
    2003 Tomac 204 Mag
    2005 Turner 5-Spot (I can't se myself without this bike...ever)

    I will be looking at my options in the 6-7in travel rneighborhood in 2007

    Throughout the years I have owned a few road bikes, 1996 Cannondale a$$-banger, 1999 Cannondale, 1995-ish Bridgestone RB1, 1993 Nishiki something, 2004 Klein Q Carbon Pro, 2004 Trek Tandem.

    2002 GT box series cruiser

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    wow! thats quite the history/collection there shaft. whats left in yer arsenal now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eitanfux
    I can have only one bike! phiscly I do not have space in my appartment for more then one bike
    before i moved here a had a 600 sf 1 bdr apt in az that housed as many as 10 bikes at one time. its doable if yer crazy enough. dineing room? what dineing room?
    No, I'm NOT back!

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    Then & Now!

    20 In. Huffy
    Free Spirit 10 Speed
    Mongoose Bmx
    Rebel Racing Bmx
    Gt 24 In. Bmx Cruiser
    Mcs 24 In. Bmx Cruiser
    Klein Pinnacle
    Trek Bouded Alu. Road Bike
    Mongoose Iboc
    2nd. Mongoose Iboc(warranty)
    3rd. Mongoose Iboc( New Season)
    Cannondale Road Bike
    Hanebrink/iron Horse W/hanebrink Fork(biggest Piece O-sh@#! I Ever Rode)
    Another Cannondale Rd. Bike
    Manitou H.t.
    Cannondale H.t. W/head Shock
    Pro Flex 856(2nd Biggest Piece)
    Another Cannondale H.t.
    Giant Carbon H.t.
    97-burner (finally My First Turner)
    Proto Type Stinger
    Mongoose Ti Road By Sandvik
    99 Stinger
    2ooo Stinger
    Custom Russ Denny H.t.(ok Now I Know For Sure H.t. Suck!)
    2001 O2
    2002 O2
    2004 Felt F15
    Proto Nitrous

    Proto Flux(shares Parts W/5 Spot)
    2005 Ridley Damocles(frig'n Sweet Rd Bike)
    2005 Nitrous(4-sale)
    Felt Torch Chopper Cruiser(don't Ask)
    2006 5-spot(shares Parts W/above Flux)
    2006 Nitrous

    Nice Little Trip Down Memory Ln.

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    my rigs

    98 fsr
    rotec xc 4 loved that bike it was the only cc bike rotec made and it was a four bar,still have it.
    titus switch blade, nice bike a little bit to tall,quick bike
    intense tracer great fit,solid.
    foes fly for dhing
    v-10 same thing just for dhing
    yeti 575 not to happy with this bike,want to sell the frame
    tnt 5 spot

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    Quote Originally Posted by cactuscorn
    wow! thats quite the history/collection there shaft. whats left in yer arsenal now?
    Yeah, the good ol days huh?. This thread allowed me to really think back on how much I have enjoyed every bike I ever had. It also made me realize what a consumer I am. Unfortunately all that is still around is the 5-Spot, Q carbon pro, tandem and a couple clapped out, broken frames. Actually the wife has Heckler hand-me down too. I never kept my old bikes, it was kinda like reading yesterdays news paper. I always thought I was upgrading and would never want to go back. The reality was that I sold some 911's to buy some Caprice Classics. Live and learn...or is it learn and live?


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    Well, I don't have the pics right now, but here's how mine look.

    Graveyard/No longer mine
    1995 Proflex 855 - red with yellow decals
    1999 Cannondale F3000 - team colors blue and yellow
    1999 GT Richochet - silver with red and black decals
    1998 Specialized FSR Elite with Mountain Speed bearing kit red with custom carbon decals - still want this one back!
    1990s Trek aluminum road bike - black with green decals
    2000 Cannondale F3000 in team colors blue and yellow
    2000 Ellsworth Joker in Sid blue with black swingarm
    2003 Santa Cruz Bullit in rootbeer
    2005 Cannondale F300 - Black

    Current/In the works
    2003 Turner RFX/Lucky - Candy red with custom rocker plates and Avalanche shock
    2004 Intense Tazer FS - In the works of having an Avalanche shock fitted for it. Green
    2003 Ellsworth Id - Candy Red - waiting for an Avalanche shock
    2002 Santa Cruz Chameleon - originally red but off getting custom anodized by Bullcrew (waiting to see what it looks like....stay posted)
    1999 Colnago Tecnos steel road bike - red with tons of airbrushing
    1996 Proflex 856 - still have the frame but it's not built up

    Can't remember anything else right now, but I'll post again if I remember. I'll also post pics when they're all done (the ongoing projects.......oh lord)


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    Short list anyway... I'm kinda long keeper (read: short-money'ed dude )

    1989 - Benotto Monte Bello (12sp, sidepull brakes, but my first MTB)
    2001 - Turbo Excess (40 pound, URT crappy bike)
    2002 - Alubike Reactor (custom built, bought frame and get it built with just decent parts)
    2003 - Giant Warp DS1 '03
    2005 - Giant Warp DS2 '04 (upgraded to discs)
    2006 - Titus Switchblade '04 5" travel built with the remains off the last Warp and a Magura Phaon fork - here to stay.

    Sorry, I'm not lucky enough to have a Turner
    Cool thread, btw.
    Check my Site

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    1996 trek 850, In its early years it rode strong, hardy and reliable. But alas age set in and life support was needed. Little things at first but the price got to great and fellow riders told me to let go
    2004 Trek Liquid, This ride and I have found peace with each other.
    1993 gary fisher supercaliber, Death had a firm grasp on this bike the the living dead shall ride again soon, beware!!!!!!!
    Stumbled apon this thread and I dont own a "Turner" but it is my family name so close enough for me
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    DaFett Lives

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    Unkown Year Cook Bros
    1980 SE Racing PK Ripper
    1991 Trek Hardtail - Sold
    1992 GT Avalanche - Sold
    1992 GT Zaskar (Purple Ano Baby!) - Sold
    1994 Klein Attitude - Sold in 2002
    2002 K2 Razorback - Broke almost completely in half
    2002 Titus Racer X - Sold
    2002 Turner XCE - Just sent frame to Turner for trade in and MISS IT ALREADY!

    2006 Specialized Stumpjumper Disc
    2007 5.5 Spot on order

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    mtbr member
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    Jun 2004

    I love bikes

    Green Machine
    All-Pro cruiser
    Hutch Pro racer
    Specialized hard Rock Comp
    Nishiki Richard Cunningham Pro Model
    Azonic DS-1(cracked)
    Azonic Evolution
    Intense Uzzi SLX
    Giant VT1 ( Don't ask.................horrible impulse buy)
    02 Turner RFX
    Custom Independant Fabrication Crown Jewel w/ Full campagnolo Record( my car )
    Soon to be joined by a Ventana El Ciclon

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    mtbr member
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    Nov 2004
    The departed: Scott Sawtooth 1990 ?
    Diamondback Axis 1995?
    Dekerf Team SL. 1999
    Kona Stinky 1999

    The living: Turner Rfx Ser.#7 , 2000
    Turner Xce
    Devinci Podium
    Brodie Brat

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    mtbr member
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    Feb 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by 2TurnersNotEnough
    The Dead:

    Life Support (Full bike intact, but looking for a new home)
    1994 Amp B3 w/Stratos Helix Expert
    1999 Turner Stinger
    I'd be interested in giving the Stinger a new home if you want to part with it....

    Will PM you...

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    mtbr member
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    Oct 2005

    1993 Marin Palisdaes Trail, in frosted purple. Man, I was cool back then! I never actually broke this one.
    1997 Orange C16R Folded the top tube whilst racing light aircraft along the runway...
    Scott Endorphin. Lasted 6 months before the rear brake bosses just fell off the seatstays. I remember the ad saying "rigid suspension". Rigid my ass. that thing was like an artic truck!
    Mountain Cycle Moho CXS. Blew the Stratos shock 4 times in 9 months before some scrote decided to releive me of it.
    1999 Turner rfx. FUN bike. Broke the back end couple of times.
    2002 Turner DHR. Ovalised the headtube.


    2004 Turner DHR
    Azonic Evo 2 hardtail

    Imminent arrival:

    2005 Turner rfx.

    It's true, I'm a wrecker!

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    Jan 2006
    Dang, y'all have some nice rides in your boneyards! I tend to hang on to my bikes for a long time. Partly because my wife rides, too. Whenever I get a bike she wants one, too, and vice versa.

    Gone, but some still haunt the attic:
    Miyata Ridge Runner - 1983
    Ritchey Ascent - 1986?
    Fisher Titanium - 1991 (a Zombie -May get exhumed & converted to ss)
    Fisher Sugar 2 - 2001
    Peugeot carbon road bike


    5-Spot! 2006 (after many years of wanting a Turner)
    Fisher tandem - 1987
    Burley MTB tandem - 200x
    (gotta get the whole family out somehow!)
    Bianchi cyclocross - 2000 (whenever I need a lesson on picking lines, which hasn't been necessary since I picked up the 'Spot )

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    Pixie Dust Addict
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    Aug 2004
    Hey Tassie,

    Got your PM. Sent a reply back.

  70. #70
    mtbr member
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    Jan 2009

    Good job!

    its the gray bike on the bottom posted by RENEGADE... (big hit ?)

    what bike is this ??

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    mtbr member
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    Jun 2004

    looks like a...........


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    mtbr member
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    Jun 2008

    GT Avalanche
    GT Zaskar
    Cannondale CAAD 4
    Cannondale Gemini
    Santa Cruz Heckler
    Specialized Epic Expert

    Azonic Evo 2
    Specialized P2
    Specialized P3

    GT DH-I
    Brooklyn Machine Works TMX
    Foes DHS

    Turner DW Flux
    Turner DHR
    Yeti DJ
    Too many toys, not enough time.

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    switchback sculptor
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    May 2009
    fun thread...

    1976 Bigwheel (flattened front wheel from skidding too much)
    1980 KHS Duster200 (snapped)
    1984 Diamondback Viper (snapped)
    1988 Specialized Hardrock (beaten to death)
    1990 Specialized Rockhopper (trade in)
    1993 Bridgestone MB3 (stolen)(extreme depression, stopped riding, focused on work)

    1999-2000 Turner Burner (used gift)
    2003 Klein Palomino (snapped twice, sold replacement to buy 5spot))
    2005 Turner 5Spot (sold)
    2005 Turner DHR (sold)
    2006 Turner Flux (broken, warantee trade for RFX)
    2007 Evil Sovereign (traded for vagrant)
    2008 Transition Vagrant (sold)

    *Still Kicking
    2008 Turner RFX
    2005 Turner Burner
    2009 On-One 456 SS

    *Future Friends
    looking for an Evil Imperial for a fun project.
    waiting patiently for the DW RFX

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    mtbr member
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    Apr 2006

    The list

    Gone but not forgotten:
    1984 Mongoose Supergoose (with tuff wheels-mags)- stolen
    1988 BCA road bike-model unknown
    1989 Fuji Sundance mtn
    1992 Marin Pine Mountain
    1995 Parkpre Pro 825 (tange ultimate superlight)
    1999 Trek 8900
    2003 Trek Fuel 98
    2004 Kona Explosif
    2005 Kona King Kikapu
    2005 Trek fuel 98

    1987 Fuji road bike
    2005 Fisher Ziggurat
    2007 Fisher Ferrous 29 (2)
    2008 Specialized Tarmac Pro
    2008 Fisher Superfly

    to be continued........

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    Monkey Wrench
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    Dec 2005
    The wife dared me to remember all of them...
    Some of the years are approximate, and I'm only mentioning the real bikes (no kiddie bikes or junkyard pieces from my youth):

    1989 Bianchi Campione d'Italia - 1st real road bike
    1991 Bianchi Nyala - 1st Mountain bike - Suntour XCT BABY! Oh, the memories of youth.
    1994 Paramount Series 70 LX rigid steel - Previously owned by Jason McCartney - should have kept that one... =)
    1995 Univega Boralyn XT/XTR Manitou 2 - makes my fillings come loose just thinking about it.
    1995 Rock Lobster steel mountain - Commuter through college - awsome for everything.
    1996 Voodoo D-Jab - Full XTR w/ Judy XC - I kept this frame until 2008
    1996 Slim Chance - Ultegra w/ Harlequin Metallic Fade - the most missed, never should have sold it =(
    1997 Cannondale XR Cross w/ headshock, RockShox post and Sachs Ergopower - awsome gravel griding bike
    1998 Univega Hybrid w/ Nexus 7 hub - crappy commuter
    1998 Bianchi Allante? Chorus - very short lived - it sucked
    1997 Voodoo Wazoo Cross - now lives for the wife
    1998 Cross Check - never got used.
    1999 Azonic DS-1 - liked it until I got the Brodie
    1995 Koga-Miyata Carbon rigid moutain NOS - short lived commuter
    1999 Brodie Big Shot XT/XTR/Marzocchi Superfly 100 - main ride for years...
    2000 Intense Tracer XT/XTR Superfly - broke twice, never liked
    1996 DeKerf Team ST - short lived due to 80mm fork travel.
    2004 Titus Switchblade XT/XTR Vanilla Fork/Talas shock - made me hate suspension.
    2003 Specialized Epic XTR/F80X - Made me want to race again!
    2008 Specialized Stumpjumper Pro - Stock - made me love suspension.
    2008 Moots Gristle Zirkel - 1-year demo bike - just a little strange for my taste
    2009 Moots Psychlo-X Disc - didn't plan to sell it - I had too good of an offer to refuse

    1998 Teesdale Custom Rigid 26er Mountain Touring - looking for a home...
    2001 Co-Motion Speedster Tandem - needs some love and road time
    2008 Ventana El Ciclon SLX/XTR/Thor/DT - seriously neglected since buying the Sultan
    2009 Turner Flux XTR/Magura Mag/Magura Durin Race - Crazy fast, but not a 29er
    2009 Gunnar Ruffian 29er Slider SLX/F29/King - Great winter do-everything bike
    2009 Turner Sultan XTR/Edge AM/F29/King - Favorite suspension trail bike ever!
    2009 Ventana El Martillo CX Force/Wound-Up/King Disc tubulars- Great Cyclocross season...
    2009 Waterford X-33 Force/DA Scandium/Euro-X Mag/Edge Fork - It's a beauty, but didn't get much use this season
    2009 Civia Hyland Commuter - Classiest Commuter in the 'Quah!
    Last edited by vwvoodoo; 12-07-2009 at 09:09 AM.
    Let me fix your bike @ in Louisville, CO

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    bump and grind
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    Apr 2005
    Graveyard/No longer mine:

    1980s Freestyler BMX bike - stolen
    Various mall bikes - destroyed or given away
    1991 Bridgestone MB-1 Custom - That was a great find. Sold
    1992 Diamondback (forgot model) - mercifully destroyed
    1997 Kona King II (not a real Kona?)- ridden twice, relegated to bakery runs, then put donated to charity.
    2003 Specialized Stumpjumper HT - Sold
    2005 IronHorse Maverick - sold and recently gathered new patina of dust
    2006 Surly Karate Monkey - sold to a friend. I may get it back.
    2006 SC Heckler - sold

    Still living:
    1991 Litespeed Ocoee FS (recently exhumed and reanimated)
    2008 Turner RFX TNT - not going anywhere for a while- my "big" bike
    2008 Voodoo Wanga - a keeper
    2009 Turner 5.5 DW Spot - the prima donna of the stable.

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    Feb 2004
    In the graveyard, in chronological order):

    1987 - Peugeot Hard Tail (stolen )
    (then there was a decade hiatus of debauchery and not biking)
    1999 - GT Zaskar - Sold
    2000 - Kona Cinder Cone (loved the graphics of this line- sold)
    2001 - Santa Cruz Superlight (sold)
    2002 - Santa Cruz Heckler (sold)
    2002 - Ellsworth Joker (sold)
    2003 - Instense 5.5 (sold)
    2005 - Commencal Meta 5 (handed off to gf
    2007 - Turner ('05) 5 Spot (sold)
    2007 - Turner ('04) XCE (sold)

    In the Stable:
    2009 - Ibis mojo

    Next Years:
    2010 - Turner DW link 5 spot
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails What's in the graveyard?-superlight.jpg  

    What's in the graveyard?-joker2.jpg  

    What's in the graveyard?-comecal.jpg  

    What's in the graveyard?-5spot.jpg  

    What's in the graveyard?-ibis.jpg  

    Attached Images Attached Images
    "Nice bike...Take it off any sweet jumps?"

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    Elitest thrill junkie
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    Jul 2005
    Specialized hardrock ultra-dead
    DBR V-link 3.0-dead
    Mongoose Singletrack hardtail-bent
    Rocky Mtn DH Race-dead
    Cheeta Prolink-linkage issues
    K2 Evo-dead
    Mongoose NX 9.7-dead
    Azonic Saber-linkage issues
    Foes FXR-linkage issues
    Iron Horse SGS DH-cracked
    Turner 6 pack-cracked

    Surly Karate Monkey
    Turner Highline

    Turner 6 pack reborn with RFX front end, rockers and shock.
    "It's only when you stand over it, you know, when you physically stand over the bike, that then you say 'hey, I don't have much stand over height', you know"-T. Ellsworth

    You're turning black metallic.

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