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    What size to replace a '00 Enduro FSR?

    Itís been a few years since Iíve been around mtbr, but lately Iíve started to look to replace my old 2000 Enduro FSR Pro frame on a budget.

    Iíve always liked Turners and it looks like prices on used frames are starting to get very reasonable, and my XTR/XT bits are still in decent shape (mostly urban commute and bits of flat dry singletrack) so Iíll just swap them over for now and replace as needed, which rules out the 2011(?) and newer 142mm rear ends.

    The size large Enduro has a 22.76Ē TT with a 115mm stem, and it fits me well but is more difficult to pull up the front than I like. I test rode the 2002 Enduros fairly extensively and found I liked the medium more than the large. Iím debating between the medium or large Flux/5spot sizes. Either TT is longer than what I have now, so Iím leaning towards the medium because I just seem to like the smaller size better. Iím 6í1Ē with 32Ē inseam (long torso, average arms, short legs), and donít particularly like the stretched out XC racer fit.

    Can anyone whoís familiar with the old Enduros comment on relative sizing? Do these ride small enough that I should be on the large instead?

    I havenít done any riding since we moved to the Mt. Diablo area in the SF East Bay but it looks like mostly fireroads and singletrack in the immediate area, so a DW-Link Flux would be great if I can get a hold of one.

    Actual budget is TBD but if I can fleece a frame off ebay in the $400 range or a complete bike in the $700-$900 range thatíd be ideal. I have the time to wait for the right deal to come around.

    What do you guys think?

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    You definitely want a Large. At 6'1" you're on the cusp between the L and XL; given that your legs are short-ish, you should maximize stand-over and ability to drop the seat and a Large will do that for you. Run a 70mm stem and some wide bars and in no time you'll be up to speed with modern take on bikes.


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    What size to replace a '00 Enduro FSR?

    I am in Lafayette. If you want to give my L 2008 TNT a try, you are welcome to.
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    Solid L, given that you don't like the stretched out xc thing.

    M would be far too small.
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    Just wrote a humongous check out to the IRS yesterday. Probably not buying a frame anytime soon since I technically don't need it.

    Sounds like the concensus is a L for me, but I'll definitely ping you sometime for a test ride, CDMC. I Bart from Walnut Creek so maybe some free afternoon I can take off a bit early from work. I'm pretty sure it'll confirm everyone's opinions here.

    I realized I should probably just try the short stem from my wife's bike first, and see how that feels with the seat moved all the way back. This model Enduro has the switchable 4 position rear linkage (2 options each for travel and height), and I swapped in a longer shock when the old one blew so it's running at 5.4" travel in the rear, with a 70.5 head angle on the 105mm Manitou fork. I'm looking forward to trying the slacker angles on the spot.

    Still waiting for my new brakes to come in so the bike is pretty much down for the count right now.

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