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    upside down rear shock?

    Are there any advantages to running your rear shock inverted? I have a Burner with the Swinger 3 Way, does anyone run their 3 Way like this? I have read that it "may" be better because of less "unsprung weight" (whatever that means). Is it more likely to get dirt in it that way?

    Just curious,


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    True, but the weight difference is not enough to be noticable, IMO. The only advantage I see is placing it upside down on some bikes is ease in adjusting knobs or filling it. And maybe the slight reduction in probability of a kicked up stone hitting and scratching the shaft. But this is unlikely

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    the fox air socks are definitely better as far as unsprung weight if you run them shaft down. the damping cartridge is contained in the shaft, the body of the shock is basically just a hollow tube. this incidentally means less dirt.

    I'd go the way of less dirt. the performance increase will be negligible

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