UK Burner price?

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  • 01-12-2013
    Mr Pink
    UK Burner price?
    Any idea of the UK price of the burner frame+ when do they hit our shores?
  • 01-12-2013
    Probably insane. High price to start with, then add Silverfish mark up.

    Wait a year for the deals......
  • 01-14-2013
    Mr Pink
    Burners + Spots from 1695on silverfish site:thumbsup:
  • 01-14-2013
    Can only see Spots + Sultans, no Burners ?
    Look like 2012's with limited stocks + end of line Flux. Not bad prices though as I don't think the 2013 models have changed apart from colours.
    Interesting to see if those prices do hold for the 2013 models..
    Hold it, you 're right just noticed the 2013 Burners and spots hiding in the AM/Enduro section, those are pretty good prices considering where new Turners have been for the past couple of years, Specs include Kashima shock too. Cheaper than Tiawanese made SB66, Mr Turner is really trying.
  • 01-18-2013
    Yeah... The only problem is that it's status is "Out of Stock".

    Curious when REALLY it would be available on English soil...
  • 01-19-2013
    Silverfish said early-mid feb, but much of the first shipment is pre-sold.