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    They are talking about us again

    From the SS board where they are going through terms:

    Quote Originally Posted by Nat

    Ferritude (n.): The belief that steel bikes are superior to those made from other inferior materials. One who shows ferritude can often be overheard saying, "steel is real."

    Turnerista (n.): A member of a militant and political coalition under the leadership of Dave Turner.

    Hard-corny (adj.): characterized by being a little too stereotypically "core", as in having tattoos, piercings, sculpted facial hair, messenger bag, surly attitude, wool, fixie, etc.

    Your turn.
    A new name for the Homers??? I use the term us loosely as I do not beleive I deserve homer status, yet... Discuss.

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    I think it's slightly better than "Branch Davidian"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skins
    I think it's slightly better than "Branch Davidian"

    There's gonna be a movie made on another forum called "Escape from Ellsworthia."

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