Anyone have some to sell? I don't have any interest in going the FrankenTurner route. I did that with my '06. Both rockers are cracked after a recent trip to Blackrock...the poor frame just doesn't know when to give up. It's been battered and abused and still won't just crumble and die...damn quality build. Maybe I'm just too smooth (those who've had the misfortune to ride with me...get the joke).

Anyway, before I pronounce this frame officially dead to the Ol' Lady and start shopping I have to...I mean I want to check the used parts availability. As much as I've enjoyed and counted on this frame over the years it would...cough, cough...just suck if there's no rockers around and I have to buy something a bit burlier. I kind of thought Salad Tosser at Blackrock this last weekend would have crushed it altogether...damn quality build.

Anyway, nobody has any, right?