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    RFX Front Triangle price and feasability

    Thinking of putting a small RFX front tri on my medium 5 spot rear and rockers.
    a) Would it work, I think it will, but just want to confirm?
    b) How much does Turner charge for a front tri?
    c) Weight difference would appear to be negligible, but what geometry changes would there be, I assume going from a medium spot to small RFX would be about right length wise.?

    Thanks guys

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    a) yes
    b) lots. just buy a frame ya cheap bastage
    c) no, a ton, not so much.

    i hope i was of some help here. im off to the next thread to pass on my love and joy.
    No, I'm NOT back!

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    Search for stuff like 5 pack and JNC's jackalope posts. There are riders with the conversion and that setup straight from Turner.
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