Hello, Homers.

While I have spent 2 years lurking around this esteemed forum, I recently mustered the testicular fortitude to register and start posting.

Previously, I never posted and always lurked because I was very much like one of the people that Mr Santiago described in another thread with this commentary --

Some thoughts from a quasi-outsider. The group here can seem pretty unwelcoming here at times. I know of one person who recently bought a Turner but actually wrote something along the lines of "the attitude a lot of turner owners (primarily over at mtbr) almost made me not order the frame"

Keep that statement in mind. DT has gone to great, great lengths to cultivate a stellar Customer Service reputation. People buy the Turner bikes not only because of the quality of the bikes and the ride, but because they feel like they will be taken care of. This Turner forum is the public face of Turner. People like to feel part of a larger thing. Not feeling welcome here goes counter to the support a Turner customer expects and gets from the company.
It is very important to me that my self-worth, image, and projected internet personality be sanctified by the esteemed Homer Nation.

I am begging you in the most humiliatingly groveling manner to welcome me with open arms, so that I may feel part of a larger thing, something that is so much larger than me that I am dwarfed by it, something so grandiose that I am made insignificant in its virtual internet forum presence.

After all, it's the most patriotically American thing to be valued only by the nature of what one owns. Right?