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    Pair of Czars (UK)

    I was frustrated originally when the 29er thing took off in the UK to move to a Tallboy as customer loyalty was biting at me as I've had several Fluxs and Five spots before and I knew the VPP wasn't as good - especially peddling uphill - plus I always had my best experiences on the Turners - the longevity etc, geometry was always perfect for me.

    We ordered our Czars (GF was instructed this would be her next bike!) as soon as Turner announced them

    So was extremely happy when Turner specc'd my ideal frame. 4"/Carbon/29er. We were actually in the US on holiday when the bikes landed in the UK! How frustrating (Still had a great time!)>

    Our local shop Sherwood Pines Cycles built them with the GF's orange one being built for her first.

    I desperately wanted an XX1 type set-up but not being a fan of Sram and the fact that I ride/race the same bike most of the year around - couldn't commit to a full XX1 set-up. So basically I've gone for XX1 36T front and shimano XT / 36-11 on the back. I'm losing three climbing gears but for 75% of my riding - I'm covered.

    Build is based around Hope where we can - we love the UK based hope kit - the headsets. hubs and breaks. Stealth Race Evo X2 - Stealth Race Evo X2 Product Details

    I've gone for ENVE bars and UK manufacturer U.S.E's stem as it looked lovely. Stems | ultimate sports engineering It's a flip/flop stem as I'm not sure about my riding position yet - traditionally I'm not into to low bars, but I'm trying it a the -8 degrees with a couple of spacers.

    Pair of Czars (UK)-czarwideangle.jpg

    I don't want the Czar to be a complete race machine. It needs to do my trail riding as well. So I may adjust the cock-pit/tyres as we go along.

    Pair of Czars (UK)-czarabove.jpg

    I had a quick commute to work this morning and initial thoughts were how much more comfortable, agile and quick the bike felt. The DW back -end so much more compliant in its travel than the VPP. Felt totally different. (I've had both before so I already knew this.) But I didn't expect it to feel so much better.

    I love the finish of the black frame, almost raw - and the first frame I've not felt the need to wax up to a shine, it so understated. The GF's frame seems to be drawing the biggest attention though in that lovely orange!

    A bit to early & excited for a proper report but I thought I'd drop by.

    Thanks to Dave and the crew, for being helpful on the emails and putting together what could be my last bike. Seriously, they should sell loads!

    (PS thanks to the poster who did the long-build thread - that kept me going while I was waiting!)

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    I love my Hope Tech M4s and I'm considering getting a pair of Stealth Race X2s. Any experience with Tech X2s or M4s? Is the feel of the race lever -- modulation, bite point, etc -- that much different from the Tech lever?

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    Re: Pair of Czars (UK)

    Sorry about the delay.

    I have a special edition of the tech, I'm not sure where it is in the range. But they're black and come with some ti hardware. I don't think theyre the race levers. I've always favoured the hope tech or mono mini as it were. Plenty of modulation but perhaps not the sharpest brake. But the pads last for eons.

    Hope are damn good with support.

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