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    Hope need help choosing components

    im a noob. looking to get an rfx o8. i was wondering if anyone can give any advice which wheel to get... my options are dt swiss 5.1, mavic deetrax, wtb dual duty. im just looking at mid range type. fork options: will a fox float 36 r do it? or should i get the rc2 instead. what do you guys think of lyrik coil u turn.

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    There is a ton of peeps whom will help you on here, maybe let them know in advance before they get out of bed in the USA... What type of riding you plan on doing, riding level etc.....

    What shock is the frame coming with, Air Shock or Coil?

    I run DT 5.1 rims, very good, in fact have them on 2 bikes, what hub are you looking at?

    Check out many of the RFX build thread, jump on to the search function... Will reveal loads.... Setups, FAQ, Best of...
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    the frame come with fox rp23. im only 5'5" 150 lbs.. there's one more fork im looking at... rs pike 454 air u turn.shorter travel. just not sure if it's compatible with the frame. someone suggested that i should just get the spot. but rfx seems more burly. i want to get into freeriding eventually as my skills get better.

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    As whafe suggested have a good sift through the RFX data base!

    Rider weights aren't listed in most cases unfortunatley!

    Im pretty big guy, and the DTs have served me well..Be my choice over those 3 options, choose your hubs, spokes etc!

    Match ya suspension FnR ya correct the 08 comes standard with a Rp23 for your wieght the Float will be a good option, though I really like the Uturn
    Lyrik option, if ya go that way look at getting a coil shock to complement it, Im a big fan of matching suspension front and rear, I don't like mixing air and coil spring rates myself, more so if ya looking to step it up over time.

    Drive train, go with sram, X9 is perfect for what ya looking into, its reliable and works as well as the XO for half the price, cranks shimano XTs, Race Face Atlas, FSA Afterburners, any of those are all good, fit a chain guide and ya set to go..Brs stems, posts what ever you feel suits you, stem 50-70mm max if ya get the right frame size..

    Brakes, depends on budget, but Formula's have become popular around here and for good reason, RFX n yr wieght K24s all ya need..

    I'd highly rec the 08 Magura Louise bats non carbon awesome brake 5yr leak proof warranty, best rotors in the business and are the only brake to match Formula yr call

    Shimano XTs are a safe bet also, good for budget can't go wrong.

    Im not a fan of Juicy's to many issues for me, always find them grabby and not in the same class as the above too not outta the box anyways thats my experience anyhow! Codes different story but over kill for yr weight..
    Hopes nice but not overly impressed with feel and power/feel compared to K24s and Louise.

    Pike is too small for the RFX, ya want a 160mm fork..

    Should get ya on the right path..

    Great bike, enjoy, post pix once ya get things rolling
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    I think the price difference between the Float R and RC2 is about $100, so if you have the budget go with the RC2. Nothing wrong with the stock R, though. If you like coils the Vanilla is another great choice.

    Def take some time planning your wheel build. At your weight you could certainly run Hope hubs. A set of Hopes laced to DT 5.1s with some DT or Wheelsmith spokes would make a nice responsive wheelset.
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    oh great! the guys 150 lbs and wants a rfx. there goes my lightweight build record...

    yer gonna dig it monte. its light and nimble like a spot, climbs surprisingly well, but feels very deep in travel which doesnt leave ya out to dry as ya try new things and get yerself into dumber and dumber situations. sounds like yer about to follow the same path ive been on myself.

    do the rc2 and the 5.1's. x-9 is sweet but the new xt is impressive drivetrain wise. xt cranks and f der are solid and all this is affordable. bein a small guy, dont let yerself get talked into a crap load of overbuilt heavy parts. build to suit yer needs knowin ya can always improve things as/if needed. take a peek at my rfx and see if that points ya in some good directions. once ya have yer baseline, post it up and we will be more than happy to rip it to shreds. consider it tough love.
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