• 01-01-2013
    Love the Flux.....hate the RX.......
    Hat is a strong word......but I think I've logged in about 10 hrs on my new Flux......but I've probabl˙ spent 50 hours trying to dial in my front Formula RX. I've come to realize that it has a different personality for each day of the week. Today it screamed at be, yesterday it grumbled......I've been holding off getting a front DT for as long as I can.....

    Woe is me!!!!!!!!

    And btw......happy new year all!!!
  • 01-02-2013
    Shimano xt brakes work awesome. 😊
  • 01-03-2013
    odd thing that they won't perform as brilliantly for you as mine did... Just unlucky i guess. Mine were superb. For a guy who usually runs The Ones, i am hugely impressed with the current Deore brakes though. If the XTs are even better... Well, then Shimano must be on to killer brakes in the Zee/SAint/SLX/XT/XTR brake lines.. ;) As cheap as the Deores are, they certainly doesn't lack any punch - even if they're not very adjustable :)
  • 01-03-2013
    Sounds like your calipers are not aligned well to the rotors. Since you've been riding them like this for some time, you're likely wearing the pads unevenly. Re-align the calipers to the rotors and give then a few rides to wear in the pads properly.

  • 01-03-2013
    Dang. I was expecting a good Racer X vs Flux discussion. Horst Link vs dw-link and all that.

    Just squeaky brakes.Yawn.
  • 01-03-2013

    Well, okay...............

    I did get the brakes aligned......they are fine as long as I dont take the front wheel off. Im on a 9mm front......

    The bike................Stiff and solid.........and it climbs like no other.

    My only issue is that sometimes I feel the bike feels bit cramped; im 5' 10" but i have a 30" in seam. All my prvious bikes have been a med/16-17" so that's why I went with the med Flux. I initially ran a 90mm stem...but currently I'm on a 110 with zero degree rise.

    Finally, I have to mention that I feel that the frame as a whole is truly a superbly crafted piece of metal art. I feels really good to have a quality bike from a company that has been around, and is constantly improving.