I'm almost scared to post this in case I put the mozz on the deal, but I've just gotta.......by next week I'm going to be the proud owner of one of the first two Six Packs ridden in Australia. Bloody hell I'm excited . The other will be ridden by DHD, and seeing as he is the Turner importer here in Aus, he deserves the bragging rite of saying he ownes the first Aussie Pack. (thanx DHD, you've been very patient with my constant phone calls to see how things are progressing!)

I originally ordered a spot, but due to a supply delay, have changed my order to the Pack so I can have it built and on the trails by the start of November for a 12 hour enduro. (not that I'm an xc freak, but looking forward to showing off the pack to the lycra boys)

Will post my first impressions of how the Pack takes to Aussie dirt soon .